Into The Depths – A Revealing Of Me.

Into The Depths – A Revealing Of Me.

It’s a mystery how I manage to stay up all night and still function efficiently all day. Since my stability is not compromised, and the frequency of the occurrence is regular, ‘Sunshine’ has advised that I make the best of it by starting a series and title it ‘Ramblings of an Early Bed’. I like the title, but I think my case is beyond being an early bird. You see, no matter how late I sleep, I somehow manage to find myself awake at 7 am, and that is me being modest as I mostly wake up before 7 am, Sunshine can attest to that.

It’s 2:30 am now and I haven’t shut my eyes to sleep. What’s running through my mind? Well, there’s surely thoughts of Sunshine, pictures of her tucked in nicely, sleeping like a baby worrying not of what the morning might bring. I smile warmly. It’s a knowing smile. I find peace in staring at her closed eyes, her mild smile that slightly favours the right side of her face; I just love to watch her sleep- or the thought of it.

I had been reading all the while before I commenced writing this, and a quote had lingered in my mind all day, “What does a gentleman want? What will a gentleman have? Is peace so sweet as to be bought at the price of slavery and chains? As for me, give me liberty or give me death.” Why has this been on my mind? I have no idea. Yet it has remained, and I have tried in vain to draw comparisons to any scenario in my life right now. I am surely not in chains, neither am I a slave. But a gentleman, hmmm, perhaps there is common ground there.

With that established how about we infuse proper subjects as inspired by the just realised similarity in context, though partial. I am a gentleman, so what do I want? What will I have? These are questions that measure desire and extent of satisfaction. These two questions are corresponding and they are the basis on which hope and expectations thrive. We generate wants or desires, and then we constantly seek to know to what extent our wants will be satisfied.

I wish that all it required to have what you want is to know what you want. But unfortunately it is not so. No, I do not want to be the richest man in the world, I’d rather have enough to provide a comfortable and peaceful life for my family and I. I do not want to have all the power like the Head of State; I might eat an apple someday and die in my might. I do not want to have so much fame; I might get too many friends and start to forget their names. I would rather not live beyond a hundred years, lest some family members will hate me and start to pray for my departure then.

Things have changed; my life has been altered. I didn’t see any of it coming. They call it blind-side. I call it God’s sense of humour. It’s his way of letting me know that he runs the show and requires no assistance. Imagine that you are creating the fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end, giving them peace and rest at last, but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature, and to found that edifice on its unavenged tears. would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me and tell the truth.

It’s 3:11 am now and my eyes are still shining brightly, reflecting the fluorescence from my laptop screen. I hear cocks crowing in the distance and I think to myself, those are early birds, not me. I have made a mental note to tease and deal with Sunshine for likening me to a bird.
No, I will not say who Sunshine is, but she surely knows what I want.


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  1. Nice. I liked the last line cos it referred to the question that’d been on my mind all along. I very much love that quote as well.

    1. @chimzorom I’m glad you got your answer…thanks for reading.

  2. Tehehehehehehe

    Everyone rambles now.
    Everyone has insomnia.

    Me thinks my Ramblings of an Insomniac has a part to play in these.

  3. Writers and their weird life.

    Once I achieve what I want to achieve with my writing, I’ll quit. It’s the quickest way to insanity.

    @Scopeman doo.

    1. lol… @babyada the spirit is subject to the Prophet. Do not fear.

    2. @babyada ‘Once I achieve what I want to achieve with my writing, I’ll quit.’ :-o . May I ask what it is you want to achieve with your writing?

      1. @shadiat, you really want to know?

        1. Yep.
          Whatever it is, tho, you might find you can’t quit writing even after achieving it.

  4. “…As for me, give me liberty or give me death”.

    As for me, give me sunshine and i will give you dea..something…lol

    @scopeman, well done. Nice piece. Even though I am commencing a probe to find out how this ramblings of yours relates with @kaycee ‘s” ramblings of an insomniac”.

    1. The findings will be made public of course.

      1. @ichadgreat The Sun indeed shines for all…just don’t get burnt.

        I will wait for your findings…all the best.

  5. Na winch you be nah. Nice scoping of a witty mind Scopeman…

    1. @francis hehe…fasten your seatbelt, there’s more coming…follow my blog

  6. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    amusing,fluent , engagingly honest,introspective piece. As a memoir,faultless; as prose there appears to be some disconnect between the tone of the first two paragraphs and the ending. then again ramblings are known for that….
    I enjoyed this. Well done

    1. I’m glad you liked this @nicolebassey do check my blog Part 2 is available there, as well as other articles and stories. Regards!

  7. I love the introspection. Is your sunshine the same as the one above me here? :)

    1. Hehe…I don’t know o, @nicolebassey are you the one who must not be named???

      1. Noooo ooooo :-)

  8. Oh well, guess we are gonna be reading lotsa ramblings these days…
    As a friend would say, ‘Eternal rest awaits us, why sleep?’..
    Well done Scopes…$ß

  9. nice reading for me………..

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