She had woken up with a start after a hellish dream. She had seen herself sprawled in bed with the man she had always dreamed to have; only that it wasn’t really him. Or was it? Ursula Williams pondered over the question without a hint of what the dream was all about. Philip, her co at the office, whom she had secretly been admiring only that he was in love with her best friend, had made the most wondrous love to her in her dreams. And when she was just enjoying him, he had turned to something monstrous. She shake her head and decided not to ponder over it again as she headed to the bathroom for a cold bath. Just when she had slipped into the bath tube, the buzz at the door interrupted her bath. Dragging her towel to cover her wet, nude body, she headed to the door, shouting come in the door is open as she drew close. The door squeaked open and the last person she expected to see entered.
“Philips” she exclaimed in astonishment as she unconsciously, let the lose towel slip down her body exposing her perfect fitted figure…

Bending down to pick her towel, a hand caught hers. She looked up and stared into Philips eyes which were filled with both lust and passion. She didn’t know when she did it but she found herself hungrily taking his lips into her mouth. His lips felt hot in hers. She couldn’t control it anymore as she found herself fighting with his belt. He didn’t react. He just stood there watching her. But when she dig in and found his hardness, taking it into my mouth she watched him closely waiting for him to push her off and ask her to stop but he did not react. She was expecting something negative from him but that wasn’t what she got from him as he held her head and pushed it forward and backward in other for her to give him more of it. She have always known myself to be so good at that so she gave him what she know how best to do. When he couldn’t control it any more, he drew her up and cupped her face and entangled her lips with his, then his hands had came working on her big boobs, his other hand was cupping her large buttocks. Just when it was getting interesting and he was screaming I love you breathlessly into her ears and calling her name, she stopped. Stepping back a little, she picked her towel and ran into her room without looking back to know his state. She couldn’t comprehend why she run off, she just ran. Even as she banged the door behind her immediately she got into my room, she still couldn’t explain it. It had abruptly felt wrong and she was suddenly feeling guilty. As she sat down behind the door, she huddled up and rested her head on her thighs. What has gotten into me? She thought as she tried to catch my breath. She wanted to feel, so bad as she should, she wanted to blame my self but no she couldn’t, the thought of his lips on hers, his soft hands on her butt wouldn’t let her feel bad. Abruptly, just as her lips curled into a smile a bang like a knock sound resounded on her door like thunder, interrupting her blissful thoughts.
“Open this door” Syrian, her best friend’s voice thundered furiously outside the door.
Ursula froze where she sat.

Oh gosh! She exclaimed hitting my head slightly. Syrian had caught us, she has caught her. She said guiltily. The knock and the angry voice came again. She quietly stood up and opened the door to let mad Syrian in. She was panting furiously, her chest was palpating and rising as she breathed and panted.
“Oh Ursula how could you?” she asked within sobs staring so deadly at her as if she would kill her in within the littlest opportunity.
“I am so sorry Syrian; I didn’t mean do it, please…”
“Do it, do what?” Syrian asked aghast suddenly quieting in her sobs as she stared at her in utter chaos.
Ursula stared back at her speechless, unable to comprehend anything. Does it mean she isn’t aware of her selfish moment of lust with Philips? She asked as if to the tin air.
“What did you do Ursula?” she asked again. Ursula just stood and stared back at her. How do can tell her that she had almost made love to her fiancé……?


4 thoughts on “Hell” by sarahchristy21 (@sarahchristy21)

  1. There is some suspense here that paradoxically comes from a misuse of pronouns.

    I think the story needs more work. Well done

  2. She shake her head, should be (shook).
    Shouting, “come in the door is open”. You omitted the quotation marks.
    Edit it again, please.

  3. Asides the errors which riddled the piece. I don’t see the correlation between the title and content. Unless, there is a part two somewhere with a hellish story. Keep writing though, you can get better…$ß.

  4. Mistake wan kill me o. Thehehehehehe. Wow. Nice piece dear. Alot of work needed. Keep writing. I wanna c u grow. Peace.

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