Death’s Angel

Death’s Angel

I see a subterfuge

masquerading in mime

of religion: a stooge

saddled with blame for crime.


I see a government

ensconced in apathy

And a people long spent

with cheerless sympathy.


I hear the cry of war,

the ruinous din of hate.

As the aggrieved weep sore

for folks slain at their gates.


I hear villains talk tough;

preach fear for all to hear.

Crass butchery not enough:

‘Tis more than we can bear.


The acrid smell of death

carried by ill-starred winds,

Distilled into their breath

becomes hard to rescind.


To what end is violence

Meted on fellow man?

Can any blood spilled thence

Inspire soulful elan?


Beat swords into plowshares,

Unite as ye oughtter.

Let death’s Angel forbear,

And return from slaughter.

16 thoughts on “Death’s Angel” by fervency (@fervency)

  1. This is kul. Real kul and reality striking.

    1. thank you very much lactoo@louis.

  2. @fervency I like the thought behind this. I agree that the general debauchery we have witness in this country is enuff to run anyone crazy. However, I do believe there is hope. If not in this present generation or the next….hope still dey still.

    In the meantime, pardon my ignorance abeg what is “oughtter”?

    1. shai@shaifamily, I would very much want to share in your optimism, but the rift and hate disuniting warring factions in this country is enough to kill all optimism. Yet, God is able.

      Oughtter was used to maintain the rhymic sheme. I am a sucker for meter and rhyme. Its a contraption, don’t mind it. :)

      1. @fervency Alright. U got a kindred spirit as far as rhyme and meter goes.

        HOPE – It never dies.

        1. i am happy you like rhymes and meter. the classic poetry style is almost lost in neo-literalisms and free verses. I wish we had more Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Alexander Pope. I shall checkout your works.

  3. I like, the end just seemed a little abrupt for me.

    1. Indeed, teewah. An abrupt end is what violence evinces and I sincerely pray Nigeria is not headed for that abyss. thanks for the read.

  4. I see what you see, the message is clear as a sea.

    The full stops at the end of each stanza is irrelevant.

    1. I think you are wrong ostar. There is no rule pre-empting the use of punctuations at the end of verses in poetry. Nevertheless, thanks for your contribution.

    1. lol. Thanks Kaycee.

  5. the clouds are really gathering- there is a message there. good work

  6. Thanks mikeeffa.

  7. @fervency, really elegant way of capturing the present Nigerian situation…as for creating words to fit your rhyme, i’ll say..”someone’s walking in the footsteps of Lewis Carroll”. thumbs up, my friend!

    1. Wow. Such comparison, I think its undoing, because Carroll remains and inimitable. Thanks so much QueenNobo. You are far too kind and endearing with your sweet applause.

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