A Taste Of Hunger

A Taste Of Hunger

One request- so tall


Your eyes, said it all


We got into the mall




All I did was call


From behind the wall


For the attendants in the hall




Your choice wasn’t the balls


Your pick was Shawarma


I offered you banana




I crooned you some la-la-la


You said it doesn’t matter


Your hungered for Shawarma




I felt the balls again;


Hot, steamy and crunchy


You insist -Sharwarma




Now I say whatever


You will get it though


Not until mañana

5 thoughts on “A Taste Of Hunger” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. Uhm… maybe I get this; maybe I don’t. Nice rhyme.

  2. Some people will remain hungry, no matter what is offered. Nice lines…

  3. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    hmmm,not quite vintage writfight.

    1. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      but still interesting , keep writing.

  4. hunger is bad -nice poem

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