Who He is

Who He is


Wonderful He is to me

Marvelous I deem Him to be

As I wake up to find a new day

Defiling the dangers of the night

While being shielded by His grace



Noon then dawns on me with a smile

As the sun heats my laundry dry

Illuminating the earth with light

Its light brighter than all known lamps

Which I behold in awe and smile




I then look intently to the skies

Beholding the beauties that abound

The twinkling effect of the stars

Notwithstanding the darkness of the night

Which so depicts His perfect light



I shudder as I think to get a hint

Of His divine love and faithful link

How much more could His love bring?

Way beyond all man can think

Oh! Wish I’ll just get a leak



I soon ponder deeply on who He really is

Knowing full well He knows all things

In the morrow, He’ll surely bring

Something of worth, nothing bleak

Thus I’ll wait and stay stick still

8 thoughts on “Who He is” by okwujeisrael (@okwujeisrael)

  1. It’s a pleasant poem.


  2. Good.God is with us

  3. I found the theme refreshing and edifying but it would have been a thousand times better with a definite rhyme scheme. Lovely all the same. Well done!

  4. Really nice, thank you for sharing. Godbless you

  5. Indeed, He keeps us. Well done and as said by sunshine, a distinct rhyme pattern would’ve been a lot better.

  6. Beautiful rhymes…God is great!

  7. Luv and God. Two things i saw in this poem.
    Good! One word for it.

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