To A Kindler Of Hope

The thought of you

Brings hope to my bosom

And stings my eyes

With tears of defiant faith

I had given up on humanity,

On the myth of altruism

Only to find

In the midst of treachery

A hand of friendship.


What was in it for you?

I wondered

Was it a Greek gift?

I waited to see

But nothing came forth

Save, for you, the satisfaction of the beatitudes

And for me, a wondrous elixir

Speaking healing to wounds old and new.


Why, there is hope

For us earthlings

Rekindled now and again

By folks of your kind

Though coated and hidden for ages

In dust and debris from ill winds,

Of the shameful parts of human nature

I see that love is, always is

For a god-like act does come along

To make it glisten

And save mankind

From the fate of beasts.


I know your generosity

I’ve tasted it

In things small and great

But not I alone

Providence does too;

I saw a vision of tomorrow

And the day after

I saw the field of a good man,

A great man

The rains came in their season

The sun shone at its time

The ground produced a harvest beyond measure

I drew closer

And the husbandman

Was you.


PS: Folks, this is my first deliberate attempt at poetry. I never seriously read or studied poems, and my comfort level is pretty low. So, help review, critique, dissect, analyze…

23 thoughts on “To A Kindler Of Hope” by Obisike (@obiaguomba)

  1. Nice. Nice.

    For me, the first two verses are powerful–especially the first. I think that the last two verses kinda reduced the intensity of what you were trying to express; by trying to say too many things. If you had compressed what you wanted to pass across, it might have turned out better. Or maybe a full stop within some places within this verses would have helped to make it flow better.

    My humble opinion of course…

    1. Thanks, @chemokopi. I was actually trying to add them fullstops but I got stumped. Will be studying other people’s works, especially here on NS. Your comments about the waning intensity is also well taken.

  2. I’m not a great poet myself but I enjoyed the simplicity of this. Keep writing.

  3. respect to all the poets on NS

  4. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    I like it too, but some parts are quite vague and it left me unsure and unsatisfied. Consider an intro of sorts if possible.

    1. @nicolebassey…thanks for liking, and apologies for leaving you “unsatisfied”. We will get better. An intro….maybe…

  5. This is nice. More of this please…

    1. Thanks, bro. I will try…at least I could say you asked me to.

    1. @kaycee…thanks, bro.

  6. I like the flow even though I don’t really understand it.

    1. @babyada….thanks for liking. And I thought the content was simple! Anyways, I have taken note of the admonition about being too wordy.

  7. I’d like to know this husbandman…Is he an alien?..
    Your 1st attempt is good…trust me, listening or rather taking useful info from people on the site would make U better….Keep penning them lines…Well done Obi…$ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte…lol. He seems an alien to our norm on this planet, shey? Thanks for your comment.

  8. A debut?
    This is good
    In time you will come to learn the ropes about certain symbolism, themes and all that jargons that makes poetry a delight.
    This is good, really!!!

    1. @midas…thank you, bro. I appreciate.

  9. this is nice, well done.

  10. Love, lover, loving, once upon a time i knew these words……..:(

  11. Yeah, the simplicity…liked that.
    Not always good to tell people it’s ur first attempt. People tend to see stuffs not there..
    loved how it ended with the husbandman…the tenderer…
    keep this up.

  12. this is lovely

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