The Times They Are A-changin’

The Times They Are A-changin’

Time there was

When their impotent friendship

Gave birth to our virile comity

Their dying embers

Fanned our blossoming association

We lost them

But we found us

Time there was

When our sins with them

Cradled our repentance with us

Their hell

Begot our heaven

They ended

We started

Time there was

When we had

What we wanted

But craved for

what we had lost

Time there was

When we craved to lose

What we had

And regain

What we  had lost

Time there was

When all we had

Was time

And all time had

Was us.

 (Inspired by the song “The Times they are a-changin” by Bob Dylan).




4 thoughts on “The Times They Are A-changin’” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Dude, honestly speaking this piece is . . . Good. But… I’ll like to see you write and develop ur own poem not inspired by someone’s else work. Something that will have it’s originality rooted in you.
    I’m an avid fan of your’s and I follow all your writeup but you seem to have this trend of . . . Of . . . Somehow developing your works from people’s own.
    Don’t get me wrong dude, just an observation I think you should work on and maybe let’s see what is gonna happen.
    Peace Bro. Wonderful piece you’ve got here.

    1. Many thanks @Louis for your kind words.

      To address your observation and suggestion, kindly note that all my poems have their “originality rooted” in me and not in someone else’s works. Just as people who are artistically inclined have their muse that inspires them to create their works, rock music is merely my muse that inspires me to write poetry.

      I also believe that the title of a work of art is just as important as the work itself. Hence, the title should grab the reader first before the content or substance of the work. So, when I listen to rock songs and in the process, I get inspired to write a poem or a particular rock song helps in coordinating the scattered thoughts in my head into a poem, the title of the song automatically becomes the title of my poem. I have been doing this since 1997.

      It might also interest you to know that the themes of my poems usually don’t have any relation with the themes of the rock songs that inspired them.

      I hope the above explanation has helped put this in perspective. Many thanks again for your kind words.

  2. I like the times mentioned here. Nice poem.

  3. yea, times are changing but our society and government especially refuses to change- may God help us- calls for sober reflection

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