The Lost Loved Ones

The Lost Loved Ones

Loved ones : The lost
By Blaise ‘Aphascea’ Aboh






When a loved one, a brother, a sister, a friend, dies, you wonder
Of what will happen to his dreams; greatly you ponder
As you remember past times in flashes, tears pour out
The being within you wants to go mad, it wants to shout
Indeed it’s a great pain, a loss that you cannot bear
A feeling that comes with one too many tears

The memory keeps coming, it haunts you
Questions of ‘why oh why’ keep taunting you
Beautiful pictures of the past come to the fore, they live
Painted as if they were yesterday, and he were alive
Bright scenes of when you shook hands, embraced
Watching that smile on his face, becoming crazed

In your thoughts you feel his presence, you mourn
Morning, noon, eve, it keeps on even till the next dawn
You know no rest, for a long time you know you will not
One, two, three, for many days and nights, many months
Your heart bleeds, cries, gets drained of its fluid
As the truth slowly comes to light and becomes vivid

That death has done you a number, a great one
That your mate, friend, sister & brother is truly gone
You only but have to take heart, for God knows best
You only but have to pray for them to have a peaceful rest
For indeed, death is inevitable, it chooses anyone
It comes when we least expect, we cannot run.

16 thoughts on “The Lost Loved Ones” by Blaise Aphascea (@aphascea)

  1. Am seriously re-thinking this life.
    For some weeks now, I am questioning every. But the questions are pointless too.

    1. It is what it is, homie.

      It always will be as it always was.

      Do you part and move on.

      Nice one Blaise.

      1. That is the bottom-line, do your part and move on

  2. Touching…May their gentle souls rest in peace Amen

  3. *chai* This post is bringing my muse home…What is life? I ask myself.Painful still is the fact that their death could have been averted.I try to imagine the pandemonium in the plane as it falls freely from the sky.What really transpired? These are questions only the dead could answer.Unfortunately they cannot. Very sad indeed.

  4. Touched. This event has forced me to look at life through another lens. It can just end in a sec.. all the struggle and hope..

  5. Mehn me sef don dey fear oo.

  6. Touching. I really need to rethink and retrace.

  7. I forgot to add that this was beautifully written. You did a good job.

    Welldone and keep writing @aphascea

  8. Sigh. How ephemeral life is.
    Lovely piece

  9. @seun-Odukoya yes indeed it is but my part…i wrote those amidst tears…….
    @kaycee Questions without answers, doubts….they stare at me each morn i wake
    @lancaster thank you, hope people can find solace in these words…

  10. @louis, make you no fear, Oluwa is God.
    @sambrightomo, imagination is but my only through magic carpet, when i try think of how their last mins were like, it leaves me more tears……more tears…cos i see everything clearly..

  11. We have been shrouded with tragedies… Everything now wears a sad look…
    Nice one Blaise.

  12. Well done Blaise.

    I’m even tired!

  13. Introspective… Nice lines…

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