The Legacy of Deceit – CHAPTER THREE

The Legacy of Deceit – CHAPTER THREE

At about 4:am the following day, the king sent for Dimgba and the other chiefs.  He couldn’t sleep that night because he believed Ikeagu’s returning was the ghost of Omenike at work.

Dimgba arrived with the other elders, and sat down facing the king who was already sited.  Dimgba knew that he was going to call them, because critical issues need people with strength on their brains.  “I must confess that I could not sleep last night.  It was like Omenike had returned to punish me.  I have never seen the darkness of the moon on a night I needed light; I couldn’t think a solution that best matches this present danger!”  He confessed.

Dimgba stood up, “King Nzekwe, an unfinished story could always return to complete itself.  I once advised you to send our finest assassins to find where the mother of this man hid and finish them.  But you preferred not to have too much blood on your hands.  He has returned to complete a story we cannot say its end”.  He told the king.

“Dimgba, you should know that a caged bad story will still return again, because truth must unlock it.  I couldn’t stand watching Omenike’s line totally gone”.  King Nzekwe confessed.

“You took time for granted.  I am afraid we cannot return to the time we should have made this story a lost folktale.  We have to find the urgent solution now, before fate makes Ikeagu King of Umuagu” Ajulu gave his own voice.

“I agree with Ajulu.  We should attack this problem now before it grows stronger”.  Mazi laid credence.  “Obinna, what is your opinion?”  The King asked him.

“I think if Ikeagu has returned to dream his nightmare as he said yesterday, let’s start giving him the dreams”.  Obinna said.

“So what is the best solution, apart from killing him?”  The king asked.

“If some sickness refuses the mild herbs, you use the stronger one.  Ikeagu needs a stronger solution, and that is to take him out.  This is the best solution. We have some of the finest Warrior who is very loyal to king Nzekwe”.  Dimgba told him.


“If Ikeagu survives an attack, he will kill me.  I did not kill his father.  If I should die, not by Ikeagu’s hand, because I am innocent”.  The king told them.

“But you are enjoying the glory that comes from that throne, even though you claim innocence.  If you are innocent, then give up your throne!”  Ajulu told him.  King Nzekwe was silent because it was these men and Akadia the queen that made way for him to be king, so his respect for them remained a great one.

“As king, my hospitality I believe should even reach strangers who have come to live here, even though they have returned to receive answers”.

“Well, since you still protect Omenike’s heir, you must make sure you keep your part of the agreement.  And that is making sure our secrets are kept”.  Dimgba reminded him.

“Great King, some truths are better not told, because lives will be lost if we open them”.  Ajulu also warned.

Dimgba who was now disappointed turned to leave the king, but turned again; “A people that have proverbs have wisdom.  Our ancestors used to say, you look for the black goat in day light; find your solution quick before your problems overrun you”.  He said and took his leave.

The other chiefs followed, except Obinna who sits on the fence when issues grow hot.  He went before the king and said: “You do not ask the moon why it is half.  I will not condemn the kindness your heart carries, but always watch to know when you are in the black list of those men”.  He said and followed them.

Akadia the queen, who had been hearing the men from her chambers, came out to the king.  She looked at him for few minutes and shook her head in disappointment; “You still do not want to listen to the chiefs.  Ikeagu will bring us trouble with this quest of his.  We cannot afford to lose everything we have been working for, not now.  I think you should try and work with them”.  She suggested.

“Your heart has not ceased cooking destruction, Akadia”.  The king replied.

“My heart does not cook destruction, it’s only that we should enjoy the throne while it last.  We have no children to succeed us; we just have to protect this throne”.  She said further.

“I will not harm Ikeagu.    But what I cannot still understand is what Dimgba wants to achieve in the end”.  He said with deep thought.

“I don’t think anything matters again.  Let’s stay alive, that’s all I am asking you to consider”. He stood up and walked as slowly as he could, and then turned to her;

“I am beginning to lose that throne.  I can feel it.  There is no secret that persistence cannot find.  Ikeagu seeks his answers with too much power, and this I fear”.  He said to her and left.


Akadia  was exasperated.  She saw that he had begun giving up the throne.  “You want to be your own devil; a hunter that hunts himself.  I will make sure this throne is where we grow old and die.  I have come too far; a newcomer will not change my plans”.  She soliloquized.


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