The Legacy of Deceit – CHAPTER FOUR

The Legacy of Deceit – CHAPTER FOUR

Ikeagu had met Nnenna more than six times, before he met her again. This time it was Nnenna who had come to see him in the beautiful hut king Nzekwe gave him.  Dimgba and the other chiefs had warned the king not to treat Ikeagu with arms opened wide.

Ikeagu who was filing his knife looked up and saw Nnenna.  “You know that many people don’t like me in this village.  Because they believe I have come to make the king restless and, troubled”.

“You should not take that to heart. The people here are friendly like I told you the last time I visited you”.  She told him.

“But not in that palace where I am hated.  I have only come to know the truth behind my father’s murder. After getting what I want, I will leave”.

“What will you do to the person who killed your father?” Nnenna asked him.

“I will do the justice my way”.  He replied.

“You mean revenge?”  She asked.

“Yes.  Its part of the business I came here for”.

“My late grandmother used to say revenge will return like tomorrow”.  Nnenna told him.

I have come a long way; it’s not possible to frustrate my coming here.  I came here fully ready for even death itself.  I must know all I need to know, before I leave Umuagu”.  He said with anger on his voice.

“I heard your father was a very good man.  My mother used to tell it to my younger sister and me.  She said to make him less angry.  Ikeagu looked away from her and sighed.  “So my late mother used to say too.  He did not deserve to be killed that way.  I suspect the conspiracy that killed him was too strong for him”.  He said.

“From my years growing up, and till now, I still hear they are still investigating who killed him”.  Nnenna kept quiet for few minutes before she continued; “its what I have been hearing for a very long time now”.

“And you believe that lie?”  Nnenna regretted mentioning the word ‘investigation’ to him.

“It’s something we have been hearing since I was a little girl”. She tried to defend herself.

“No wonder they succeeded in killing Omenike.  Because they know you people don’t ask questions.  And even if you tried to ask, you don’t press for answers. You see, where there is no light, you will manage the darkness.  I will not buy such lie, and don’t tell me about anyone investigating anything about my father’s death again, because you people here don’t know what to believe”.  He warned her.  Nnenna nodded her head in fear.


“But do you think you will survive where someone like Akadia controls?  She tells the king what to do, what to say and what not to say.  We fear her even more than the king”.  Nnenna revealed.

“Akadia… Akadia.  I will dare her.  I have fought wars in my life, I have seen wounded warriors grasp for breath and I know that you can make any one beg to be alive.  If she is involved in Omenike’s death, then, she will also die”.  He said.  Nnenna saw he was dead serious.

“People keep asking why you should risk going to the palace to ask the king for the one who murdered your father.  They are afraid you could be in danger”.  She said to him.

“Are you the one asking this question or the people?  It’s true that strength could push a man dare even a lion with so much confidence, but that confidence is enough” He said.

“But there is a better way your story could be told in the tale of legends”.  Nnenna said to show him she was falling for him already.

“And what way is that?” Ikeagu asked.

“You should be a father to children, husband to a beautiful wife, and maybe a wise king.  Such stories are better than a brave man losing everything”.  Nnenna said smiling at him.

“Your tale is too weak.  I didn’t return to Umuagu to enter the history of good kings. I came here to know who killed my father.  And don’t hope too much, I am a warrior.  A warrior is better in battle, when he has no woman’s care to fear for”.  He told her with great seriousness emanating.

“Revenge makes you kill everything that you should have kept alive.  Your kind of revenge will not satisfy you in the end”.  Nnenna told him.  Ikeagu saw she was sad, but he meant everything he told her.


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  1. You’re actually doing a good job, but I want to see more of the background of the characters.

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