The Last Plane To Lagos

Listen, please listen to that cry

No one heard them, yet the cry was so loud

We saw them dropped from the blue sky

But still no one heard them from the large crowd


They were wailing and languishing in the crash

Yet nobody heard their cries

They were burning, flesh turning into ash

But we could only release tears from our eyes


Heaven, do you have a phone number?

Can I get to speak with Kunbi, Iniobong and my other friends?

They called for my help but I wasn’t there

Now I’m calling their names but they can’t hear


Why didn’t you miss that flight the way some people did?

Why were you so in a hurry to get on that plane?

I was even told you took the lead

But why, who will ease me off this pain?


When you got in, did you ever think it’d be your last plane?

When you said goodbye, did you ever think it’d be your last word

Your last plane to Lagos ended your last journey on earth

It landed so soon, now you are gone too soon.


I wish I could turn back the hands of time

To the moment you were about leaving

Smiling and laughing, telling me not to miss you

Giving me that warm embrace


I wish I could turn back the hands of time

To the moment I asked you to wait a minute

Maybe, just maybe, you would not be on that flight

But I can’t and it’s so sad.


I’ll miss you so much

I know someday, we’ll meet again

Holding hands, cracking jokes

You said goodbye, now I know it’s goodbye for real.


Goodnight friends.

Dedicated to the Dana Airplane Crash Victims (Rest in Peace in the Bosom of your maker)

6 thoughts on “The Last Plane To Lagos” by Oluwaseun (@oluwaseun)

  1. …They were wailing and languishing
    Burning to ashes..

    Guy, no body wants that kinda detail.
    People prefer to think that their deaths were quick without suffering.

  2. Nice poem, just painting your feelings in your own words.
    There are a few typos though, like:

    We saw them dropped{drop} from the blue sky

    “But still”- it would be better if you used just one of both.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the error.

  3. good night indeed, bros you did well in this poem- i salute ya craftmanship

  4. elizabeth (@trulifebooks)

    @oluwaseun. Beautiful, saddening, perfect

  5. nostalgia……….

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