The Consultant

The Consultant

Like a fish out of water
Out of my turf I sulk
From wàrds to the birth centre
With confused steps I walk
All because you’re not here

Learning to make decisions
Gaining much experience
Led by my own instruction
Feeding my common sense
And still you’re nowhere near

Free as a bird I own me
Choosing when, where and how
From surgeries to shopping sprees
I fear your coming now
Prefer you don’t return

Suddenly you’re everywhere
And there goes my freedom
You and me, Its like a scare
Everything in me screams, Run!
Your presence is no fun

Here I am, pushed to the wall
And pressed on every side
Your hardwork is my downfall
So all I do is hide
From this I won’t repent

You and I, its a standoff
We plainly disagree
Your diligence turns me off
You frown at truancy
And all my strength is spent

I finally understand
And you’re not so insane
Despite our different stands
The end point is the same
I’m no more reluctant

Though I will be leaving soon
From you I got the best
I’ll soar higher than the moon
I’ll put all to the test
I’ll miss my consultant

6 thoughts on “The Consultant” by Oyenwen Odia (@oyodia)

  1. Medical skul and it’s palaver…You are in ur finals yeah?..

    1. @sibbylwhyte. Yes o! The finish line is in sight.

  2. No wound patient oh.

    1. @raymond, funny, every doctor prays that prayer at one point or the other in their career. So no fears! ;)

  3. Keep your head up.

  4. Nice one, @oyodia, a poem like this might also be written for you soon, I should believe

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