Temptress I

Temptress I


Possessor of beauty

And I, paddling the streams
With a broken canoe

Here I come
To your fortuitous deeps

By a fevered journey
Solitary sweetness, rides
the yellow tides,

Skimming like oracles
In the luxuries of your heart
Priced as captivation in pure bloom

Our native soldier, Amani died
of lust before the sin damped
your mystery, a sedate spell

Though I fear defilement
from pale constructs, here I come

From painted reeds to fevered eyes,

a pair of sea-glasses,

ravaged my sight

To behold visions

fused for water union

Though the eastern rivers
forge arid distances

Here I come
A seraph swimming to your warring vortex

Where I shall drown a tribe

On the bounties of your water-webs
Beloved of the coloured hills

Drooping beneath a broken crescent

9 thoughts on “Temptress I” by anonymous12 (@anonymous)

  1. Adora? or Adaora? Just asking. its nice.

    1. Its Adora na. You no like the name?
      Thank you for coming by @lachicabonita

  2. Nice! To the point.

    1. @chimzorom. I appreciate that.

  3. fantastic- keep writing

    1. Yes sir! I have no choice but to keep writing and I hope you will keep enjoying my output. Thank you for your comment, @mikeeffa

  4. This is real nice. Very good.

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