Tears Never End

Tears Never End

In tears I write this
The memories of you give bliss
These tears of mine
They say different things
At different times
When your face comes up in my mind
Which is like only every other time
I have tears of regret
I cannot tell you all the things I had planned to tell you
The next time we planned to meet
“So much gist I have for you,” I told myself.
“Wait till I see him.”
There are tears of frustration
Why can’t I turn back the hands of time?
Why can’t I rewind the clock, change everything and make it all right?
Just the way it was before 3pm on Sunday June 3.
I rage with tears of anger
My country! We have lost so much…
Simply because we don’t care!
Poor plane, late rescuers, oh my nation!
I weep with tears of sorrow
I’ll never see you again
I’ll never see you smile
I’ll never hear you laugh
I’ll never hold your hand again
I’ll take harsh words of criticism from you… just to hear your voice
Amidst all I hear my tears should be of hope
What hope?
Today I am hopeless
No promise of a future – I am despondent
What is the future without you?
A bleak promise of more despair and loneliness
I’d rather live in the past
In the future – you won’t be there
This present took you away from me
The past I’ll always love because you were in it
Somehow I manage tears of joy
As I think happily
You left this cold cruel world
You are free
You are safe
You are with HIM
He knows
He sees
So when I cry and my tears flow
I am sitting in my moments… any of them
Your memory will never fade
My tears will never end.


Kamal Aderibigbe June 5 2012

4 thoughts on “Tears Never End” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Enjoyed this. Tears inducing.

  2. Another reminder
    We will try not to forget

  3. This is awesome!

  4. Very nicely written.

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