Teach me to love

Teach me to love

Teach me to love
to submit my notion under the reign of emotion
not to be a novice in the office of emotion
stark me naked of my raw mind
to love make me not blind
awake the feelings in me
make me stop being mean
let the passions in me swell
I’m ready to learn to stop being cruel
teach me to love

teach me to love
to comfort a body in sleep
to rap lips with my lips
and touch a tongue with my tongue
to be a cover to an uncovered self
to smile and brighten a life
to love, be loved and be a wife
teach me to love

teach me to love
to trust with no doubt
to give my all to somebody in submission
to close my eyes and see ‘him’
to clear my voice and chant his hymn
to think of selves and not myself
teach me to love

12 thoughts on “Teach me to love” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. stark me naked of my raw mind’ I like that line.

  2. @Tola Adegbite, it wud be nice to sharpen your skills on a forum here on NS called ‘DUETS AND MORE OF POEMS’ where all we do is poetry in the form of rhymes….u can check it at your leisure, and am sure u will be glad u did.

    1. Thanks a lot. I’ve joined the forum

    2. Don’t mind me, I was reading stylistics when I wrote the poem. I foregrounded the capitalised letters at the begining of some lines to achieve the concept of norm and deviation in the poem. Lol. I will not try it next time. Thanks a lot

  3. @Tola, this is so beautiful.

    To teach love on all levels of life…as one’s brothers keeper, as a lover and as a loved one; totally awesome!

  4. Strong lines, deep and kinda touching.
    To close my eyes and see ‘him’. Dats my best line.
    Watch ur capilization though. Almost all ur lines started with small leters.

  5. Sweet and Lovely. I really like.

    But next time, try to start each line with a capital letter.

  6. Love is elusive, if it were adhesive, then a heart, having being taught would of the world be like heavens.
    Great piece!

  7. Lovely. Love lessons…

  8. yea we all need love-well done

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