T.O.F Clouded beginnings Chapter One 6 (end of chapter 1)

“Me too, I like the feel of your lap on my hand. Ouch God, you’re hairy. If your thigh got such hairs on it, I wonder what your pub will look like”, she said not raising her head from the wound. I was somehow taken away and surprised by her somewhat boldness.
“It’s nothing, I shave” I admitted, albeit shyness overtook me. It was kinda weird to me, discussing such intimate issues with a lady.
“That’s nice, I…”, she didn’t complete her statement. Maybe she wanted to tell me that she shaves too. She just hummed innocently and based more on the work.
Silence revisited as everyone kept calm- she was busy with nursing my wound while I was busy starring at her flowing hair. The yearning for me to caress her hair was heavy on me, but I managed to keep my hands still.
Tension hung heavily in the air. Here I am, alone with the girl of my dreams, absolutely alone with the girl I think should make mine. It was my second opportuinity of the day to tell her how I feel towards her- to profess my love for her, but it seems that my tongue got stucked to my mouth, refusing to omit words.
“Angel”, I managed to call after much lost battles with my inner self.
“Yeah”, she answered half innocently as she raised her head up towards me.
“I just want to thank you”, I said although it wasn’t what I really meant to say.
“You’re welcome,” she meekly answered me as she rose to her feet, temptingly swaying her hips, headed for the wash-hand basin.
“I think I am done, I should be getting back to class. you just relax and rest, Nurse Sophia would be here soon to give you other medications. It will be alright, I promise”, she was full of assurance as if it is her duty to look out for me. She wiped her hand with a napkin and headed for the door.
“Angel wait”, I called back at her in a stance. I couldn’t stand to let her go. I needed her badly; I really needed us to click together, so I decided to throw the ball over to her court.
“Why did you do this, I mean why are you helping me?” I asked. I can’t believe that I just did. To be frank to myself, I know why she’s doing it. It is all encompassed in a three word sentence. I know the words too well, I’ve heard it for a thousandth time. My dad always says it to my mum before he sets off to work. I wanted to hear her say it to me first, so that I would just add ‘too’ when I say mine.
She stood still, silently looking into my eyes. The message was very clear- as bright as daylight. The clinic room was charged up with our feelings, but no one dared to say a word; no one dared to move even though we both felt like.
Three full minutes swept past us. Even the wind stood still and I had to hold my breadth in order not to interrupt the sancronsantity of the environment.
“Stan!” she called out as I swallowed hard. She continued immediately.
“Meet me later. I’ll see you maybe after school hours. We really need to talk”, she announced and ran out, heading to our class.
“Thanks a million times all the same”, I shouted behind her.
Just then, almost immediately, the clinic attendant Nurse Sophia came alongside the school manager, Rev Fr. Patrick Jones. He was wearing a white turtle neck bodyhug polo and a black trousers. His best sandals has always been ‘Italian guastavo’ and presently he is having a pair on. Nurse Sophia was in her medical outfit, looking as gorgeous as ever. She was holding a pen and a sheet of paper in her arms.
I fidgeted a bit when they approached me, but I held on tightly and did not lose control.
“Hey Stan, what happened to you?” the manager queried immediately he set foot into the clinic.
“I tripped”, I meekly answered holding an expressionless face.
“Sure?” he persisted.
“Yeah, sure” I assured, trying hard not to let him know what really happened.
Nurse Sophia walked up to me and took a look at my injured foot. She felt it with her hand and it ached me.
“I see. It’s like you’ve learnt one or two stuffs from your father. This is really ajod well done, I mean the first aid to your wound.” She commented as I immediately declined the credits.
“Actually, it wasn’t me that did it”, I confessed as they both looked at me.
“Then who did it?” came the question from the manager. He was somehow curious to know who treated me. Philosophy have eaten up his head, he always takes things too serious.
“Actually it was my classmate, Angel Philips that did it”, I answered. I saw the manager’s face lit u, he became somehow happy as a smile escaped his lips.
“Angel Philips, right?” he asked for confirmation which he got out rightly from me.
“Angel Philips… Angel, the blonde sweet sixteen. That girl looks so fragile. Who would ever believe that she can withstand the sight of blood?” nurse Sophia chipped in from her prescription desk.
“Sophia, I do think you’ll be needing an assistant- a student assistant to be more precise. Angel had just earned herself a post, a function. She will be the students clinic attendant, she’s going to be in charge of the students medical log list and will be looking after the clinic during her lesson-free times.” The manager said and added almost immediately. “You will take her on an intensive Med class. she starts tomorrow”, he told the attendant.
“Yeah sure no problem. I really do need an assistant, it’s really been tiring doing everything by my self and the students are not helping matters, they got injured every time.” She sniffed out. She presented the sheet of paper that she had been writing on to the manager. It was precisely a list. Maybe a list of what drugs and accessories that has finished and needed in the clinic.
Fr. Jones ran his eyes fastly on thelist. He was not wearing his contact len spectacles.
“Let me have a pen”, he said as he outstretched his right hand and received a ball pen from Nurse Sophia who did not waste any time in doing so. He collected the pen and scribbled down his signature at the right bottom end of the paper.
“Tell the bursar to give you the money, make sure you present this to him”, he said as he handed the pen back to her and made his way out from the clinic.
“Thank you Father.” Nurse Sophia said and he stopped and turned back to me.
“Stanley, make sure you receive proper medication. By the way, I’ve never heard that you tripped. Are you sure nothing is attached to it?” he said looking inquiringly into my eyes.
“Nope! Nothing happened, I just tripped and fell”, I assured strongly and he finally left.
“You know, that man takes you as a son, he cares so much about you”, Nurse Sophia said partly out of the medieval attention I get from the manager.
I told her that my back aches too, and that I’m having pains all over my body. She gave me pain reliever tablet capsules which I took in her presence and she urged me to come back for further medications later. After about an hour of relaxed rest, I felt better. The body ache became less.
“I think I should get going. I have already missed a lot of lessons today”, I said as I stood up and leaped towards the door. I fought hard to make the leap unnoticeable.
“Okay no probs, but remember to deliver the managers declaration to Angel.” She said as I leaped out.
“I definitely will”, I replied half concentrated as I headed off to class.

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  1. ” but it seems that my tongue got stucked to my mouth, refusing to omit words” ‘got stuck’ is good enough – and if his tongue refused to ‘omit words’, doesn’t that mean he was talking a mile a minute – which would contradict the first part of the sentence?

    ‘fastly’…what sorta word is that?

    I like it, errors nonetheless. And then another thing that made me laugh – is all the categories you placed this in. How many? Only you?!

    “Fantasy / Speculative, Fiction, Horror and Supernatural, Novel Excerpts, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Series, Thriller / Suspense”

    Lactoo. Calm down.

  2. Hehehe! @Seun, the fire can be overwhelming nah.

    Lactoo, nice read so far but you have to reduce the errors to the barest minimum. Take your time, you’ve all the time you need. Well done!

  3. @seun. Thanks for stopping by. Corrections noted. Actually, the genre is Fantasy. Teen fantasy to be precise. Thanks again. Anyways, the publisher just sent me a contract offer. Although, the work won’t be ‘done’ till december. I really appreciate you guys.

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