Robin Hood And Cupid

The greatest archers in the world had a contest
They each had to hit targets
The one who could hit the bull’s eye advanced to the next stage
The one who couldn’t dropped out of the contest

By the second day, there were a few archers left
The bull’s eye had become smaller and more distant as they progressed
Finally there remained only two archers left in the contest
The bull’s eye was three hundred feet away and so small it could only fit an arrow

The first archer aimed and pulled his bow string with total concentration
The silence was epic and without effort you could hear a pin drop
Would he hit the target? Everyone seemed to ask in their silence
The archer closed his eyes and released his bow string

The arrow sailed with the speed of lightning and struck the board
The crowd erupted in a loud cheer that it was almost unbelievable –
That they had been silent as dead men seconds before
They had never seen anything like it. The archer had hit the bull’s eye.

The second archer took his position and the silence returned in an instant
What was he going to do? The silence asked
The bull’s eye could only fit one arrow and an arrow had struck it
His task was more difficult; In fact it was impossible

The first archer scoffed in derision
The second archer aimed and took his shot
Everything around paused for a moment, the breathing of the people too
Even the air and the clouds and the leaves of the trees took a break to watch

The impossible had happened
The second archer’s arrow had pierced the bull’s eye in a most unimaginable way
The arrow had gone in through the first, divided it in two and lodged itself in the bulls eye
The crowd could not cheer as everything remained still

The second archer smiled, picked his bow and walked away
No one seemed to notice as all mouths were open in astonishment
By the time they cheered, the second archer was already gone
The second archer’s name was Robin Hood

Robin Hood continued in his wanderings and conquered the world of archery
No man born of a woman could measure up to his feat
He was indeed the best archer that ever lived and would ever live
Then he met another archer named Cupid

. . . to be continued

9 thoughts on “Robin Hood And Cupid” by Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

  1. Hmmm.

    Interesting. That ‘arrow splits another arrow in two’ scene has happened ALMOST in every literary thing concerning archers.

    Nice one. Would like to read the sequel…

  2. Well….the next please…We all know what would happen, but I’d like to see your delivery of it… I like the way this was written…Well done.

  3. Hehehe…Nice. Ditto Seun with the archery thingy…

    ‘The silence was epic ‘ Silence can’t be epic.

    1. @raymond, silence can be anything.

  4. I like much… Real Nice!

  5. Waiting for the continuation…

  6. I really liked this one.

  7. Your rhymes really enhance your poetry.

    Excellent job.

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