Random Run IV

Random Run IV





Now we know with certainty,

What has been rolling aimlessly on our minds

Like a confused stranger in a foreign Moscow,

That we have indeed been duped

And in daylight, robbed to shallow graves.


Now we know

That your Kongo is always hot watered

Your ounce the same as pound

The glass with by 100 can only read by 2

And the car with a century mileage

Had seen Cotonou a dozen times.


We know

That your zero is important than other numerals combined

And that dozen and twelve could be dissimilar

That diamond could be cheaper than gold

And of how everything changes in your alchemic hand


It has dawned on us

The distance of the tips of your mid fingers extended straight

Doubles that of your crown and sole

And that what does not exist is equally dangerous

Like those meltdown candles without remnant.



That we have always been deceived

Our dying planet only has a moon

And that Sahara is on the rise

While the infinite salt water is still useless

And that your poisons kill rather slowly

We know.


We now know

That one can sell something one lacks to several buyers

That the mine boy and the gold dealer girl

Could only fall in love in their dream or with a struggle

That hate could be love and good bad


We know now

That some indeed have license for heaven’s transport

Sold occasionally to the highest bidders

And determine who gets to see Easter

And in what condition for the lucky.



Now we know

That we do not count after all

And we have never been in your picture

That we are just a piece of statistics

To be used and disused as you deem fit

And we now know that is wrong.


We know now

That only a bastard could we father

When we were beaten with your ugly stick

And without any protection, we stood alone

And that Cross should not be

Left for Christ only to carry.


How dare you think we will remain ignorant?

But be assured we are devoid of anger or bitterness

At least not the kind felt

Against Louis and Doe

Or Assad and Mubaraq;

Nixon and Duvalier.


But empowered we are with this knowledge

In a way you will never comprehend

And if you think this is no new thing

Just wait till you see what we do with it

Because we now know what do with you.


(The last in the series. Thanks for reading.)

9 thoughts on “Random Run IV” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. I’ve always been a fan of ur random run series and dis ending caps/crowns everything.
    Nice one. I love the Louis and Doe part.

    1. Your loyalty is appreciated. Hope you enjoyed them…
      Thank you @louis for being there.

  2. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Hmmm some deep stuff.

    1. Thank you @nicolebassey. You might wanna check out the rest of the Random Runs.

    1. @mikeefa. Thanks.

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