I. Aspiration

He will captain this green ship of millions
So tells the young mind that weaves this vision
She will be the emancipator of her kind
When Time clothes her with her mummy’s age
He will end the distress of his clan
Someday, somehow–he knows he can
She begins the journey of bringing succour
Next year, as a medical doctor
He will make peace with his wife and sons
Today, when they touch down.

II. Pain

When their dreams fled to heaven
From the heat of the burning comet
Fallen from the sky,
We wept.

When all the innocent eggs
In the womb of the bird from the capital,
Broke on blameless heads
That rested in their humble habitat,
We wailed.

Our siblings
Uncles and mothers
Became distressing sculptures of gore
Filling the comet’s crater.

Our peers
Neighbours and friends
Became broken eggs spilling yolks
That would never grow wings.

III. Questions

Wasn’t it said that change would come
Coasting on fresh air that would displace
The foul things that had stifled us since?

Was this just
The unaided hand of Fate?

This one time, just this once
Should we weep and not seek to blame?
Should we wail and only seek lessons?

IV. Comfort

We dreamt yesterday
Of our loves departed
As we lay on our beds soaked
With the tears of the evening.

We did not see our loves’ faces
We only saw their radiance
And now we are awake
Facing another day
Our hearts less heavy.

We know that someday
When we leave this earth
We will see our loves again.


We have a dream
That one day
We would think back
Struggling to capture
The receding thoughts
Of all that fractures
Our land

21 thoughts on “Phantoms” by chemokopi (@chemokopi)

  1. Art alone heals,
    You are a mediator, a healer!

    1. @ostar: I truly hope your prophetic words do find expression in the hearts of the hurting. Thanks a lot bro.

  2. @chemo: Some therapeutic writing here. Now, if I haven’t told you I love your arrangements, take this as my confessionary statement.
    Got your msg, btw. I’ve been good, lurking around a few times but not really registering my presence.

    1. @tosinosha: Glad to know you are still around. Thanks for your kind words. That confession jingles in my ear….*smiles*

  3. Whoa!

    And that’s that.

  4. hmmmmmmm

    Very very very well done.

    1. @teewah: Thank you, thank you. You are too kind!

  5. Ha! I am indeed drawn into this, and I see what you have also done….that tapering at the end:-)
    Indeed, Today!

    1. Thanks @shaifamily. I knew you would notice that if you got to read this. Thanks again.

  6. Splendid, Chemo. I gbadu the arrangements too. Well done!

    1. Thanks a lot @francis. Glad u like the poem and the arrangements.

  7. Art feels good in the right hands… and yours definitely are.
    Nice work here.

  8. @chimzorom: Thanks lady. I am humbled.

  9. “When all the innocent eggs
    In the womb of the bird from the capital,
    Broke on blameless heads
    That rested in their humble habitat,
    We wailed.”

    I love this…

    Nice one @chemokopi. Really really nice.

    1. Thanks for reading @lancaster. Your words do mean a lot, and I wish this poem speaks hope and brings comfort to the hurting…and us all.

    1. Thanks @mikeefa.

  10. @chemokopi

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