Pains of a torn brother

Pains of a torn brother

I slept back home,
expecting a husband cousin, friend,
only to see them dead on national television.

i will miss you.
we together planned how life will be
i will miss your smiles, your encouragement.
i will miss you.

i will miss you, my pastor.
you, who brought people into the altar of God
you who preach to people, nations
you who preach the message,
you the messenger of God

i will miss the memories,
memories of friendship, of love, of passion,
i will miss you my friend and sister,
my provider and benefactor,
my friend and family.

we will miss you all,
we will miss you everyday,
but what is important is not your deaths,
but what you left behind,
legacies you passed to your children,wives, relations,
fellow pastors and countrymen.
your kindness, your help,
your life has been a guiding light for us to follow,
its left for us to make sure it does not go out,
and leave us and this country in darkness.

7 thoughts on “Pains of a torn brother” by ugochukwu (@rapmike)

  1. Splendid ending.

  2. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    cool, a bit un emotionsl though,well done.

  3. Nice though somewhat detached in terms of feeling.

  4. Simple, but felt a bit rushed to me… Why d small ‘i’?

    1. yeah..i was using a cybercafe and it was quite slow so i sort of rushed it because my time ticket was almost finished.. i did not have the time to correct the small ‘i’s

  5. Almost too simple.

    1. well i just wanted to leave it know

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