Mother of Alchemy

Mother of Alchemy

By Ochuko Tonukari

I have come again

Through the rivers that meet

I have sailed through ancient times

Into the belly of the bluest fountains

I have found the womb of midnight

In the dreamlike pathway of divine ages

Somewhere through wilderness’ memories

In the morning of another incarnation

A voice from distant lands foretold my destiny

This life I must come

The oracle of the hills have declared it

That my life is full of riddles


Today is a day of enchantment

Chosen to be celebrated in mystic lands

The beauty of rose envied the goddess of Arada

As the irate king smiled in the presence of iridescent beings

Who is this woman of charm and fascination?

Who has captured the king’s heart so?

She is a queen of all worlds

Known by a thousand different names

Her divinity is shown by her persona

and her ability to foretell the future

She is the mother of fortune

The goddess of the land where I come


How can all these endowments be for one woman?

Who has given her such power so?

Who dare question her authority?

Would she show him the darkside of her mercy?

I have heard it oft times

How come I have not seen her once?

Perhaps I should walk beside her into Arada

This goddess of enchantment and bewitchment

What could turn her into a beholder of doom?

So as to walk within her dictates

To follow the director of destinies

Where else I desire to see her


I come to Arada this moment

To see this threshold deity,

This guardian of the sacred and rare times

when higher levels of consciousness may be accessed

by crossing over the boundaries that limit

Some said she was the herald of dawn

and goddess of the fleetingly transient state between night and day

Need I taste of  her sacred, mysterious wine

That elixir of life

Said to confer strength and immortality on men


Now I am here at Arada

In the wee hours of another creation morning

eager to see the goddess of my destiny

Like a princess royal, she came

Wearing her majestic diadem

Her name was etched in gold

She should smile to no one but herself

A  queen regnant, she seems to know no end of sorrow

As her waiters utter endless rhapsodies of worship

Then she sat on the Golden Stool

With everyone wondering about her knowledge of ettiquette

Would she carry herself with dignity and grace?

Had her apparel overflow with watery magnificence?

Would her words drops sweetness like honeycomb?

Would she grant immortality in her wings of royalty?

Could this turn sour for those who kept the long wait?


Now in the depth of the wide-pathed Earth,

She is fairest among the ageless goddesses

Who unnerves the limbs

and overcomes the mind and wise counsels of all gods

And all of us who came to taste immortality

But of Night we were born Day

Whom she conceived and bore all alone

Equal to her, to cover us on every side


In the evening she gave us a veil of darkness

between the shining atmosphere of the lower air of earth

bringing night to us

With each morn she dispersed night’s mists,

bathing us again in the shining light of rapture


But as the epiphanic goddess of our destinies

She rose up into the sky from Arada at the start of each day

and with her rays of light dispersed the mists of night

She rode in a golden chariot drawn by winged horses,

At times borne aloft by her own pair of wings

Her beauty ravished away to distant lands

And in her joy

She danced like some superannuated hags in horror movies

with no end in either heaven or the nether world

once she took the form of an angel

and tour the whole ethereal Multiverse

to seek for us the source of this Infinity

the sacred water pot in the third hand

like a barren universe fills up with vegetable and animal life

We took different animals and organic shapes

Once she neglected to request eternal youth

We shriveled up by old age and transformed into grasshoppers

10 thoughts on “Mother of Alchemy” by Ochuko Tonukari (@ochuko)

  1. I don’t understand this one. Honest.

    Can someone please tell me what the poem is about?

  2. It is a supernatural deity I think.

    The ending was abrupt, was that intentional?

  3. I like it.
    It is deep.

    Haven’t seen you in a while.

  4. @Ochuko, you do weave a mean web of myth and realism as you put it,lol.

    I love this world of yours”Arada” and the suggestive iridescent beings in it,and yet the realism I see in it.
    I like your most awesome of women, your goddess, I like the eloquence in your praise of her and the way you showed the enormity of her kindness;and wrath of her anger.

    I would like to take the realism I see in this and run with it…my take is that this is generally my journey through life and all the tricks,affirmations,truths,denials,joy,hope all thrown in along the way.
    I like the fantasy of “arada”…as you said,”transient between night and day” Is it or is it not? I like the wonder in life.
    Finally I love the idea of an all too powerful woman, wielding such awe and respect…I reckon it’s a somewhat realistic view in our real world, think about it though, the roles women play.

    I must confess that this is one of the most beautiful journeys I have taken without leaving my bedroom;
    Your ARADA is pure magic! ( though I still opt for eternal youth…somehow the thought of shriveled skins and grasshoppers don’t go too well with me) lol.

  5. The little I understand is in line with Myne’s comment, but I enjoyed it very much… the “ingredients” and narration kinda wrapped me up till the end; or was it the goddess’ charm?
    Lol @Dotta
    Well done @ochuko

  6. Nice one bt like @seun…i don’t really understand it,got confused at a point…

  7. Now is something. I bow to @Dotta Raphels powers of perception.

  8. I don’t understand it, and I don’t think I really do care about that this time.

    I just loved the flow and charm.

    Well done.

  9. What part of this do u not understand??


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