Magic Stick

They call me magic stick because I perform tricks
I can stand erect like a flagpole out in the cold
Shunned by a simple hole but still whole
Lay sideways obedient, like a log of wood
Waiting for my boss to call
Or play dead like a limp dick
After a marathon kip
Sometimes I even turn tricks

You can call me magic stick because I perform tricks
Today I’m a gun, a bullet, a weapon
On top of my game I command  attention
I can fire live rounds or blanks all na ammunition

Call me magic stick, I like performing tricks
Today I’ll perform a drum trick, I won’t be a dick; I’ll just be the stick
I can twitch and jerk like an epileptic having a fit

I get my applause from females of course
They all know I have a solo disposition
That’s why women I attract and my shows fully packed

The main attraction is my drumstick act
(Women go ooh Mr Magic please perform this act)
But I need a member of the audience to play a part
(ooh, please choose me, no me, yes me, I said me, I’ll be your drum tonight!)

Well… as usual I rise to the occasion
I pound, thump and hump her like she’s a real drum
You can tell I can perform by the melody coming from the drum
I might not be two thin sticks but I’m one hell of a thick drum stick
So now you know why I love playing the drum stick;

It’s no dumb trick!

10 thoughts on “Magic Stick” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. Hehehe! Pray, what inspired this?

  2. lol @aturmercy you are one sick puppy!

    I truly sympathize with you buddy…the magic stick is unfortunately the Kryptonite of many a foolish men; lmfao.

    Another masterpiece you have here, well done!

    1. Sick puppy?
      To laugh like @raymond, tehehehehehe

  3. nice poem irrespective of what inspired it. well done

  4. Magic stick. Hmmm make e no b wetin i dey tink oo.

  5. Well,
    magic stick pounding,
    thumping and humping
    The drum feels not pleasure,
    It is being pounded remember.
    It just wishes it is over soon.

    Magic stick
    Drum gently
    Gentle drumming
    Is more pleasing to the ears.

    Good poem though.

  6. Hmmmmm. Na wa o. This kain magic stick wey be gun, bullet and weapon same time.. See my slippers for my head o.

    Funny poem.

  7. As a drummer, I broke many drumsticks.
    Is your stick breakable?

  8. Funny…sure wouldn’t have me thinking it’s just a drumstick….Like kaycee, i ask…Is this breakable?..I hope not!…
    A crazy part of U wrote this…Well done…$ß.

  9. LMAO…okay o
    Magic stick,
    I pray thee do your trick
    you can kick or prick
    but i hope urself you dnt nick

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