Last Prayer


She’s been on a journey

Just one of so many

And right now she’s headed home

She’s a house wife

Her family her life

On a trip to see her mum


He’s a young man

The pride of his clan

On one of his hustling trips

He’s old and rich

Round like sandwich

His wealth, you’d wish for keeps


She’s a little girl

And a little frail

But scampers about like a deer

He’s beaming with joy

Just got a new toy

At home, his dear friends will hear


He’s a short white guy

On a funny tie

So sleepy he misses his bed

She’s black as charcoal

And tall as a pole

Just a few more days to be wed


Some granny looks left

And lets out a sigh

“This child looks unkempt

That young boy seems high”


The man on his right

Is clearly Muslim

And he a church knight

Back from a pilgrim


Did that guy just smile at her

She’s met cute guys, just a few

She’d love to have his number

Could be the start of something new


One just left a dearest one

Another awaited by a relation

One thing they have in common

For now- their destination


Here comes some strange scary sound

With conclusions finally drawn

They’re hereby destruction bound

Sometime soon, they’ll all be gone


Painfully, that time draws near

Old granny clings to her chair

Happy boy crouches in fear

Little girl lets out a tear



The lady in a suite

The guy she thought was cute

The old and wealthy man

The young pride of his clan

The white short sleepy nerd

The black soon-to-be-wed

The Muslim and the knight

The man with fading sight


A scream, a solemn prayer

Some mighty hope

Hangs on a rope

Prepare to meet your maker

Looms in the air

Full of despair


As time runs out

Their hands bind fast

All in a single prayer

With not one doubt

This is their last

“God make our country better”





May better days come, and bring us smiles and bouts of laughter…

16 thoughts on “Last Prayer” by Chimzorom (@chimzorom)

  1. @chizorom, misty eye’s here sis… When it comes down to it, we all speak one language in prayer.

    Differs lives, spirits, cultures, and belief’s …..ONE LIFE!

    Amen! may he indeed.

    1. Thanks @dottaraphels, may He answer that prayer, and soon too.

  2. Capturing them all in that moment. I only hope dat prayer reaches heaven. Seems like there z something that keeps prayers for naija from getting heard…
    Nice one Chim…Well done…$ß.

    1. This time, it will reach. Thanks Bubbles.

  3. I say Amen to your prayers. Hmmm…

    1. Thank you Myne.

  4. It will take a lot of faith to believe that God can help this country.

    1. Well then, @kaycee, there’s definitely that much faith and He will. Thank you.

  5. i thot this was a beautiful piece. lovely

    1. Thanks for thinking so, glad you did.

  6. @Chimzorom, this is so emotional. Good job well done

  7. more grease/ink to your pen

    1. I think I’ll make do with the ink; hehehe.
      Thank you, @mikeeffa; yours too.

    1. Well thank you very much!

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