Knowing This Life, This Death

Knowing This Life, This Death

Knowing this life, this death
By Blaise ‘Aphascea’ Aboh






Deceit is sometimes pleasant, especially to receiving hearts
who know it not when sad news is being kept from them
It’s so hard at times playing that as our part
Sometimes it’s for best; it makes the news slightly bearable
But knowing your loved ones lied to you is even more unbearable

This life has betrayed us all; must we always go through this?
We’ve been cursed, with death. No exception, we are all indicted in this
No matter how we hoard this sad news, in time we must tell
The result is anticipated; fatal, the receiver feels like hell

“I cannot believe I am hearing a grown woman cry”
The truth is out, in the air there’s grief, regrets, sighs
many cry in the open, others in secret
Many a time I try not to, knowing this death and how it deletes

But I lie to you now if I say I am not crying
Because my tear banks are overflowing, there’s no denying
Losing a loved one drives us to hysteria
I have watched benignly as many have been struck by aphasia

I’ve prepared myself for days like this, I try not to fear
But this grief is gross, this agony oh God, I just can’t bear
When these things happen, we lose our gusto to move on
I have lost mine, I keep wondering why live on

My heart bleeds for my friend, all families and their loss
For it has been decreed some will pass gradually, others by force
Yet we have hope, for the lord God, the Most High lives
He shall wipe the sadness, tears and sorrows of all that grieve

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