June 3, 2012

Look at faces


Etched on them are grim looks

Under the unction of June 3 forced down their constricted throat-

A food their bellies despise to eat.


I feel their smouldering pain.

I feel the searing blazing heat

Emanating from vicious faces,

Stunning onlookers- sending them into jaded cries.


They peek into the seamless blue sky

For their hearts have become empty;

Empty as a murderous heart,

A big void they searched to fill.


Their pulsating screams

Transverse earthen earth in streams of echo

As prayers directed to a known God


To reverse time,

If only this God they seem to say could reverse this.

If only this was a bad dream, never to be let loose into the realm of reality

Then will they lift their hands morning after morning in rhythm of permanent praise.


But their prayers,

Though like incense that

Weaves its way with ferocious speed

And disperse itself into the solemn sky

Cannot be answered.


And grieve they grieve like babies; uncontrollably in random voices.

Some in humming guttural tunes,

Others in heart wrenching screams

Seeking for their loved once to rise from the ashes embodied in spirit and body.


Their heart wrenching sobs

Threatens to pull my balls out of its hollow sack


As I remember

Dana,Sosoliso and Bellview,

And the mangled bodies which lay

In the underbelly of the ground.


Pains embellish my soul

As I remember

Aso ministers clad in clothes

Able to feed 300 people


Their eyes behind dark goggles

Which shed crocodile tears.

Visiting death shrines,

Leaving unfulfilled promise in their teary wake


Tears which sears only their clothes;

Not their heart.


Solemnly I then prayed

That the prayers of those in anguish

Though not answered in their form

Be answered in form of karma.


That those whose hand has been soiled

Due to negligence-have visited upon them

The sorrows visited upon the souls of these families.

And that God will create afresh a new soul

Able to bear the loss.


5 thoughts on “June 3, 2012” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. “Seeking /for/ their loved once(ones) to rise from the ashes embodied in spirit and body” – /for/ should not be there.

    Their heart wrenching sobs Threatens(threaten) to

    Leaving unfulfilled promise[s] in their teary wake

    Tears which sears(sear) only their clothes;

    Really nice.

    1. thanks Chimzorom I will make the necessary correctionS

  2. Evocative, but you should do more editing next time. Keep writing.

    1. i will do that. thanks

  3. Would be better after editing.

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