It Doesn’t Hurt Me

It Doesn’t Hurt Me

It doesn’t hurt me

When I hear of


bombs  planted

Of lives  harvested

Of blood  spilled

All in the name of God-

A God who cannot fight his battle.


It doesn’t hurt me

When you wring your hands

With bombs


It doesn’t hurt me

When the carcasses of dead beast

lay putrefying in rotting vegetation

Or when your hands weave explosive projectile

While the sun, red with its last dying fire sinks behind the horizon.



It hurts me

When blood of innocent bystanders are harvested

by men encased in turbans


It hurts,

When your targets are penniless, homeless and simple people-

People struggling to eat two square meals.


It hurts me,

when people genuflecting in prayers to a known God

Are given breakfast of bomb and sandwich of arrows.

15 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Hurt Me” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. poposky! no be small thing o. I like the poem, I like the contrast between what hurts and what doesn’t. I like the irony – A God who cannot fight his battle. Well done.

    1. Obi thanks for your comment. I wonder why this so called Islamist don’t allow their God fight their battle for them

  2. This could have been more crafted though.
    But I get you. All hurts me sha.

    Well done.

  3. Making sense.It hurts my brother.Well done!

    1. ya it really does

  4. E day pain all of us

    1. I wonder when we will be able to get ourselves out of this mess

  5. No b smal tingy o. It hurts chaa.

    1. it a pity wat this country has turn into

  6. if only those freaks would stop the killing, its painful indeed at the nonsense that goes on in naija. good presentation- well done

  7. It hurts… it absolutely does hurt; & makes me want to weep.

    1. when shall it stop? ChiZ only God knows

  8. it does hurt all of us.

  9. It hurts when lives are charred by destructive balls,,it hurts when huge cloud by design travel and seethe the face of sky all in the name of religion.

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