In the name of God?

In the name of God?

Seriously, the most bastardized nomenclature in humanity has to be thebiname of God. How can an entity, phenomenon. Abstraction, deity (or whatever adjective you may deem it fit to use), associated with holiness, purity, justice, fairness and all things pure and holy, be the catalyst for the most atrocious forms of crimes, genocides and taboos committed on the face of earth? The name of God has been used to perpetuate selfish aims and desires. These bastardly acts which assume micro and macro scales, have had individual and collective consequences, and are reflected in personal and generational relationships. The slave traders came to Africa in ships with christian names and missionaries who wanted to spread the ‘gospel’.

The inquisition was propelled by a desire to subjugate people to the worship of one God. The crusade and Jihad were Christian and islamic wars driven by a desire to spread the gospel of an exclusive God. The middle-east crisis started when the Israelis, backed by the british dispossessed the palestinians of their land, claiming it to be their God-given property. Terrorists are brainwashed into believe that their killings are propelled by a desire to spread God’s kingdom on earth. On the micro-scale, individuals are hoodwinked using the reverred name. Deliverances are conduct in inhumane manners such as flogging, starvation or even sexual intercourse. Last year, a Nigerian pastor was arrested in Ghana for claiming to use his penis to exorcise demons from female victims. Poor people give to their rich well-to-do pastors in a bid to tap into god’s blessings. A self-proclaimed bishop physically molested a female worshipper in public glare, claiming she was a witch. A certain bearded reverend is currently in prison for flogging and attempting to burn a member of his church. In the united states, Jim Jones, the leader of the people’s temple committed the largest suicide ever when over 900 people drank Kool-aid drinks laced with cyanide. On march 26, 1997, 39 members of the heaven’s gate committed suicide in other to follow their leader Marshall Herff Applewhite aboard a UFO supposed to accompany the Hale-Bopp comet.

The name of God has also been used to create alienation, stratification and subjugation. The indian caste system is underpinned by religion, re-incarnation and of course you know it. In christianity, the jews are identified as God’s people, above all other races. As expected, the bible has been used as a basis to subjugate blacks describing them as descendants of ham who have been destined to a permanent status of subservience and wretchedness. This was the basis for the apartheid regime in south africa. Even within those that share the same religious faith, there are still rancours and divisions. Acrimonious relationships exist among them. The catholic detest the anglican, and it is a taboo for the Jehovah’s witness to marry a protestant. The sunni and shiite muslims shake hands with daggers beneath their clothes.

It seems wherever the name of God is mentioned, it is synonymous with fightings, massacres, pogroms and sheer stupidity. Whenever it comes to the issue of the supernatural, logic is thrown out of the window and emotions becloud our sence of reasoning.

Dangling the god-carrot has been an age long mechanism to serve sectional and personal interests. This has strengthened the belief of atheists that the idea of a father who lives in the sky and oversees the affairs of men is the biggest scam of mankind. Judging from the aforementioned, i would hardly fault their ideological position. History has shown that the ascendancy of religion is directly proportionate to a rise in violence and other atrocious acts. It is a tool for inducing fear and preserving an elitist social order. It has been used to subvert ideas and re-write histories and cultures. Those in power have always used God as a transport system into the psychology of people. The conquered and oppressed become bound, tied and fastened to god and worship instead of freedom and liberation. Individuals and personal relationships with super-natural deities take precedence over group goals and agendas which form the basis of culture.

Nigeria provides a perfect example of this where the people rather than engage in critical thinking and take responsibility for their fate choose to pass the bulk to God chanting “god-dey, God help us or God would make a way”.

This discourse is not about proving or disproving the existence of God. The crux of my intentions are predicated on the blind acceptance of whatever is shoved down our throats in his name. Until we understand we arrived at where we are in terms of our beliefs and how these beliefs perpetuate social impotence, we will continue to be the bottom-feeders of the world. The meek has not inherited anything and the last has not finished first. As long as the carrot of religion is dangled in front of us, there would be fear, powerlessness, dependency, separatism and delusion.

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  2. You have a great work here, but make it easier to read next time.

    Well Done!

  3. You’re on point. I won’t argue with you. But no matter what happens, I still believe there’s an infinite being. You didn’t come to be by random.

  4. We don hear you.
    But mind your own business jare.

  5. Yes, there’s God but people no longer worship God but so-called men-of-God. I agree with your views totally.

    You did a great job putting this together. Welldone @afroxyz

  6. It all boils down to charlatans we refer to as our leaders, who exploit our reverence for God to further their own selfish and diabolical ends; often with calamitous consequences! We all need to stand up for the truth!

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