Hood: Palace of the Poor

Hood: Palace of the Poor

What is life?
With it, we are born into it
We meet people, we talk with our likes.

By chance, Oh sorry! By fate, the mighty, the lowly we meet.
The quest to live and not just to exist
Takes us along the paths of aliens.

Some are friends, there are also foes
Some are fair, not a few are fiery
But I was told ‘they are dynamic.’

Power- that hill in a valley, God gives
To the less, the lost to lead
With the love and compassion that found the less.

But blind ego, the cause of weakness of the will
And the lust of passion
Turns the less an ibegwu – gods of my Igalas.

And as I lay for just a thought
Of the day when he that gives all that there is
Shall call short for an account of the service of power.

Then, oh! How I wished, that;
The strong become might of the weak
The rich, wealth of the poor.

Then shall the doors of the west
Be generously opened to the north
And rays from the top of the Atlantic light up the path of the sunset.

As the javelins of the sunrise
Become the staff of aged southerners
For we all have gone away from the way that waits to hate.

As every home becomes the resort of the stranger
For the master’s command is that we love
O! Love, he was meek and humble of heart.

16 thoughts on “Hood: Palace of the Poor” by Jo (@josephoguche)

  1. I like the poem – but I really don’t see how it connects with the title.

    It is a nice poem though.

    1. Love is a Hood that welcomes and binds all .. it shields all, regardless of race and color, from harm and danger, and everybody in the hood eats together and shares together, rich and poor alike … that’s what the world should be … if we have true love, one for another, then the world would be a hood where the poor can be comfortable as though in a Palace …

  2. You wrongly typed a wrong title?

    1. No … Its all in line … read again and again .. and u might just catch the fire …

  3. The title and the content…Well your explanation sure shed light on your motive.

    1. Yes .. you should decode that explanation even without seeing it, thats why its a poem, it has hidden analysis …

  4. Thoughtful and deep. Well done. We sure need more love (or true love) in this world.

    1. Thanks buddy … we sure do need more love …

  5. its not every time that a title will flow smoothly with the main body of the write up but after going through the write up you will then be able to understand why the writer choosed that title- bros well done, we need love to better our country cheers

    1. Thanks @mikeeffa .. you are absolutely right … and that was the point I was trying to get @seun-odukoya and @sambrightomo to see … poems dont always carry explicit or obvious meanings, they are meant to be sorted out sometimes …

  6. Okay. C argument oo. No b small tin chaa. The poem… Hmmm.

    1. @louis, I dont really see arguments here, :) all I see is people helping people to get better …

    1. And you? what do u say? @louis … :)

  7. This is really nice, though I must say it’s not every time one gets the chance to explain further to his readers; it shouldn’t even be so. It is not difficult to understand the poem but reconciling the title and the body is one hell of a work.
    Indeed, there is solace in love for people of all sorts.

    1. You are right @chimzorom, it shouldn’t be so because every lover of poem ought to know that there is a difference between explicit and implicit meaning of poetic coinages and ought to decipher when they are explicit or implied … right? :) … that’s the point in the explanation. Thanks for dropping by …

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