His Pot Lied

On a rainy noon,

She longed for the welcome kiss of her man

But the devil washed his pot,

And she didn’t know,

Where it would cook


On an Ikoyi stove,

Cooking soup for her man,

The devil cooked as well,

And she didnt know,

The meat he’d use


At 15:45 hours

Her man’s soup done,

Waiting to be served,

The devil fried him well

In his own pot of soup


So he neither ate the soup

Nor did he receive the welcome kiss,

He watched from beyond,

As she watched him burn,

In the devil’s frying pan


And so from hills to plains,

Through deserts and creeks,

It thundered and rained,

From every watching eye,

Tears for loved ones gone


The devil cooked his best

And sauced well too,

But It was time to eat,

And he found no meat,

For his pot certainly lied


What he had seen as meat,

Were mere ashes and dust,

And what he thought was fried,

Were clothes of spirits gone,

For the great banquet of light


(For Victims of the Dana plane crash, May their souls rest well)


Tonye Willie-Pepple© 2012

6 thoughts on “His Pot Lied” by Tonye Willie-Pepple (@williepepple)

  1. Amen o..
    Hmmmm….His pot lied…quite a funny way to look at it…It’s nice..Well done..

  2. Awww,this is so reassurring thank you Tonye. I needed this

  3. Good poem, but make una no dey call Devil for this case; he is not omnipresent. Na human being cause this one.

    1. @raymond. The devil is responsible for all evil.

  4. Yeah. Humans beings are behind this tragedy. Simple.

  5. I like..well done

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