Heaven’s Cry

Heaven’s Cry

Heaven’s Cry
See through glasses and mirrors
Were cursed with blur and dark lines.
Bitter tears, sour taste of lime
Staled the sweetness of fresh wine
‘Cos beauty was mixed with the ugliness of terror.

Prayers for safe landing
From alters that be sacred and pure
To have precious ones’ lives for insure
Streamed from hearts of love and more.
Were the heavens never minding?

It was like yesterday
Thick lines parted familial ties
As though separating truth from lies
Meanwhile, it was the love that in-between lies
That Lucifer’s spear darted at mid day.

Many are still at wonder
Do the heavens cry?
Do you ask same or why?
A few can give a different try.
Let’s flip a page for your ponder.

Iju drew blood to her sand
A raw mixture when mother earth shook.
Above, the sky was of blackness from looks
No drop of rain from its brook
But trickles of its tears touched the Green Land.

Yes, the heavens cried.
Tears of saints long gone was shed
For an untimely harvest in pain, gory and bloody bed
For stories cut short, half said
Yes, the heavens cried.

Yes, these black clouds didn’t bring rains
And love was given a back lash.
Yet, love stands beyond match
To heal a land broken and stripped to a sash
And gather up all her beauty remains.

Family ties be of green-white-green
For these lost ones shared in our white
They had dreams to make brighter our light
Courage to face the blackest clouds of night.
Family ties be of green-white-green.

9 thoughts on “Heaven’s Cry” by Anyi (@charles)

  1. Deep sighs.

    I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless.

  2. This is a nice piece, But the dead. hmmmm sigh.

  3. hmmmm……heaven does cry, especially when the souls are lost to hell….!

    touching…really really touching

  4. Earth cried too.

  5. Nice one Bro!

  6. Heaven cried but earth cried even more.
    Well done Anyi.

  7. Good work. Our tears will all be wiped. One day.

  8. Hmmm. I can only sigh. Good poem.

  9. Thanks friends. May God wipe our tears and heal us all for real……

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