Fantasies and Realities

Fantasies and Realities



…And if I wish

That the days roll by

And the achievements roll in

Would that be?


…And if I wish

The rains come with flood

Leaving my backyard floored with gold

Can it be?


…And if I wish

To sit on the throne tomorrow

Which I today despise

How can that be?


…And if I wish

The meal be tasty and hot

Without cooking without heat

Would that be?


…And if I wish

My house clean and kept

Without been cleared and swept.

Can it be?


…And if I wish

The wishbone thrown

Be caught by desires dog

Standing still like a log

Can that ever be?


…And if I wish

And if I wish not

It’s of no consequence

Until the first step I take…




Devilish and selfish,

Perverted and corrupted,

Are leaders with aims rotating,

Around selfish desires, rotten.


Seeing the scene

Blurred and sacred.

A vision in prison

Of hardships and wishes.


Seasons and reasons

Are different and distinct

The trees that grow,

Resting on the seeds we sow.


Realizing and emphasizing

The efficacy of diplomacy

We acquire what we require

For a movement to development.


Glowing in glory

A crown our own

From nothing to something

By labour and favour.


A tale we will tell

Of triumphs and returns

From battles and hurdles

Of encounters we counter.


Lest I forget

In hoping for tomorrow

Or living for tomorrow

It will come without delay

If we live well today.


22 thoughts on “Fantasies and Realities” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. The first one is DEADLY!!!! Dayum!!!

    Nice one man. Nice one.

    1. …a poison I hope not!
      Thanks for the compliment @Seun, I appreciate…

  2. …And if I wish,
    to not love that first piece
    Can that be possible?

    Your @excellency Sir. That was outstanding. I wrote something like this early last year titled “I wish” but wasn’t as tight as this (IMO)

    Onto the second part… We can only hope and pray it gets better and it will…

    1. I bow graciously Sire…

      Your name sounds much so like Lancelot
      One knight most noble amongst the lot
      Can I dare match your prowess so
      “I wish” you say, “I wish” I say!

  3. I so feel that piece that is indeed soo well written…

    1. Much thanks to you @Naboulove

  4. You are on it bro.Keep writing.

    1. Thanks. I would…

  5. Fantasies, dream world. Good bro! U can do beta.

    1. I would bro, you bet I would… thanks.

  6. Make sense… Good work, Your Excellency.

  7. A well told tale….

    1. Thanks man…

  8. I like the juxtaposition of both worlds in the piece…Well done…$ß.

    1. I’m glad u like it @Sibbyl….

  9. ‘Without been (being) cleared and swept’

    Beautiful, Insightful poems.

    1. Thanks @babyada
      …”been” is more appropriate in the context… I think?

  10. True talk @electrika

  11. One can always dream.If only fantasies can become reality.
    Well done

    1. Thanks @Osakwe
      Fantasies can really become reality, if one really works at it…

  12. @excellency
    love your diction………….

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