Devil’s Advocate

Devil’s Advocate

Devil’s advocate

How you vex me!

Smug in that opaque garbing,

Of warped reason and all,

Hiding iniquity behind a titular contradiction.

I see through you anyway

And only wish to ask

How much did it pay

To tender such justifications

In the Devil’s name?


Now I say

Let ol’ Devil defend himself

Neither vanquished nor rescued is he

Of legal trickery and the like.

Knowing every trick in the trade

The Devil needs no advocate.


I should call it misguided

I should call it naive

Only I’m too savvy

Not to call its true name.

Deceit, when your time is ripe

If you should gain admittance

And the deed is done

You will shed Lamb’s skin

And reveal wolfish interiors

Leaving behind in bitter aftertaste

The joke you called Advocacy.

14 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate” by Obisike (@obiaguomba)

  1. Hmmmm!

    That dude catches a lotta flak for what he ‘knows/doesn’t know’ about.

    Nice one!

  2. This is quite a courageous drive from the hands of a wordsmith.Hmmn ‘the joke you call advocacy’ I like this line.

  3. Indeed ol man needs no advocate! I loved this:

    “You will shed Lamb’s skin
    And reveal wolfish interiors”

    It’s a beautiful way to paint the picture of deceit – the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Beautiful!

  4. Hehehe… Ok na.

  5. OK…the true devil’s advocate does bring value to the table – makes us see the other side of the coin, bursts our prudish bubbles etc. But this other character, who pursues a dark, personal agenda under the guise of advocating for the devil, I just wanted to shine the light on him.

    1. And who is that other character? Would love to meet him.

      1. @kaycee, you’ve never been hoodwinked?

      2. …wanting to give benefit of the doubt, until you are trapped.

  6. i like your use of words – my bros you are really firing well cheers

  7. Well written, though, as a bonafide DA, I have to disagree with you :)

    1. Thanks @Myne. You are welcome to disagree. And I’m finding poetry a very concise medium for expressing my thoughts, ideas, and sentiments.

  8. Devil needs no advocate…
    You’re sure?

  9. Nice and firm. Advocates of the devil, be warned!

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