Burying The Dead (a Sequel To ‘Rescuing The Dead’)


The rescue team has concluded its mission

One hundred and forty-four bodies recovered

the ones not found may fashion out their own graves in hell

or make do with the comfort of feeling other bones

closely caressing theirs in an endless orgy of indecision


Now we can bury our memorable dead

A strange funeral it will be

we will bury hands and feet alone

and hope that we see the heads, the limbs and the hearts

during the second burial:

such a legacy for loved ones!


Now we can bury our dead amidst the tears

drowning the ephemeral seasons of love and laughter

with eternities of pain, despair and depression

No sirens will announce the arrival of bodies we are not sure of

for we want to quietly bury the illusory bodies of loved ones without any hindrance

from other families unknown, rightful claimants to some body parts being buried


These bodies are nothing more than symbolic to us

for our loved ones were murdered and buried in one breath

all that we now hold as memories are relics from the past

reminding us of love and laughter that could have stayed a little longer perhaps

but the time is past for the coulds, ifs and had-it-beens


We will gather today

and paint everywhere with different shades of black

black rags adorned for loved ones whose bodies remain unrecovered

black tears commemorating another black season of carelessness

black memories reminding us of that Black Sunday

black bodies burnt, reminding us of a black government


We need no ceremonies as we gather to bury our dead!



5 thoughts on “Burying The Dead (a Sequel To ‘Rescuing The Dead’)” by Onyeka Dike (@onyekadike)

  1. Sigh!

    Sad one. Sad sad one!

  2. @Kaycee: Do you think it was as thought provoking as the prequel?

  3. This is painful. Nice piece though. May we not bury more of our dead in this manner.

  4. You write brilliantly. Can’t help but feel sad. May their souls rest in peace.

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