Hey man,

you are on board of the fate,

sketched by someone,  visible to none

but acknowledged by everyone.

Tragedy of the ill-fated flight

is only an excuse of your exit.


Certainly taking-off is in your hands

as at your disposal wrestling power

and fleeting materialism and money

but safe survival is always on hazard

for the reasons known to none.


Though you are belted

but your landing can be bolt from blue

where you will be able to fathom

the force featuring your future

and will be left with no clue.


The taking off the life is circuitous

and every co-ordinate and tangent

of its trajectory is teeming with

timorous tragedies, trials and troubles

as if you were treading the track

interspersed with rocks and pebbles.






3 thoughts on “Brittleness” by vivekanandjha (@vivekanandjha)

  1. Ha!
    Your credentials are…wow.
    Your poem would have been more impressive if i had read it before your bio.

  2. vivekanandjha (@vivekanandjha)

    thanks a lot

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