In the blinking of an eye

their lifelong desires,

destinations and endeavours

reduced to fearful fire, spiraling smoke,

abysmal debris and flesh in fission,

making them appalling mechanical mixture.


From most blessed and blissful lot,

they witnessed themselves

showcase of junk-house, annihilation

and self-carved catastrophe,

accruing and multiplying existing number

of orphan, weak and dispossessed.


Some of them left

no trace of their ancestry and posterity

who could be empathized in this hour

of fatality, sadness and grief .

Rest of them turned their kith and kin

shocked, depressed and worried.


The tragedy testimonial of the truth:

None has control over death and doom.

Let them be prince and pauper,

they get grinded, slashed and slain

equally and evenly by almighty’s chopper.


Such incidents make mockery

of discovery, innovation and invention where

an aircraft remains no less than a flying bomb.

All over in one oblivion and explosion

and man turned no more than a tomb.


Such disasters justify the conviction:

Death is predetermined,

it has no enemy, no friend;

when, how, where and why

it makes one its own prey,

mentioned in none of the zodiac signs.

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  1. This is really good.

  2. Hmmm. Your diction says it all.The words convey in succinct terms the emotions intended.Well done sir.

  3. This is very good.

    “of orphan[s]”

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