A Picture of You

A Picture of You

Sitting on the couch

My head in my hands

I am looking at a picture of you

I took it down from the wall

On which it hung for many years

Your smile beaming, your eyes sparkling

I remember so well when it was taken

The sky had never been so blue

My heart had never been so full

I hold the frame and my finger

Follows the outline of your face

There was so much life in you

So many promises

Frozen in my despair

On the couch where I feel like a castaway

I look at what I have lost

The warmth of your laughter

The love that you gave me

Days have passed and I cannot

Go back to the way I was

You meant so much to me

How will I go on?

And then I remember what you used to say

Love is everything and it will never fade

I give thanks for all the moments we shared

I give thanks for knowing you

I can still feel your presence

I remember your voice

I remember the sun shinning

On the day the picture was taken

I remember that day and I am holding on to it

I am holding on tight because not holding on

Would be losing you all over again

I remember how I felt just being with you

I loved you so much

I love you so much still

Days will pass

Tears will come

Healing will start

But I will never forget you



36 thoughts on “A Picture of You” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Beautiful piece….I like.

  2. Unforgettable.

  3. Masterpiece!

    1. Thanks a lot @kaycee! It means a lot coming from you.

  4. Very moving and emotional.

  5. Beautiful is an understatement. This is fantastic, touching and quite emotional.

  6. Jef!!…This is beautiful! To say i expected any less from you would be a lie…You write so well…This is it, this is hope!

    1. Thanks a lot @sibbylwhyte!I really appreciate your comment.

  7. Wonderful poem jeff… Raw sad emotions.. I could feel it. Welldone.

  8. So touching…i could feel what the poem persona is feeling.

    Ur Bathos is well achieved.

  9. olufunmilola (@funpen)

    Yes, its a masterpiece.

  10. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Again another historical feat…Thanks for writing this,all for d memory of d departed.

  11. Awesome! The words were moving and they flowed seamlessly! I really loved this, I did!

  12. Joseph Oguche (@josephoguche)

    Smoothly soothing … !

  13. Yes, healing will start…

  14. Smooth work, but then again, it is you…
    Would expect nothing less…

  15. Fantastic and stabbing. I felt the pain.

  16. Amor (@iykewifey)


  17. The last four lines, in their meaning and sequence, are extremely wonderful. This poem is unpretentious in its simple rendition and raw emotion. And yes that does make it wonderful!

  18. to live in the hearts of those you love is not death- well done on this piece i was touched by the diff lines

  19. Very sweet, felt so real, like you actually lost someone, I pray not. Bravo!

  20. So touching, so real , so utterly beautiful. Thank you ma, for sharing this.

  21. truly poetic………..

  22. Thanks @innoalifa! Also I realized I forgot to thank a lot of people.I apologize for that.I’m not sure what happened.
    Thanks a lot for reading and commenting @nicolebassey,@excellency,@mikeeffa,@chemokopi,@iykewifey,@louis, @raymond,@josephoguche,@aryor, @francis.

    1. @jefsaraurmax, always welcome………..pondering how really powerful pictures can be……………..

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