153 Places

153 Places

I have tried to forget
I have tried to block it out
But it keeps playing itself
It’s like the pictures from an album
Flipping…flipping…flipping itself
I don’t want to see those beautiful children
With the mother’s arms around them and her beautiful smile
I don’t want to see the face of the beautiful women
Whose hope and dreams were engulfed in the terrible explosion
Someone should help me forget the men who were looking forward getting back to their families
I slept, thankfully a dreamless one
But in the morning it was the same pictures from the same album
Flipping…flipping….flipping itself
Each picture, a significance of pain
Each smiling face carrying the effect of a sword through the heart
Today I woke up happy
But just before my happiness could be portrayed
It was the same pictures from the same album
Flipping…flipping…flipping itself
Each picture, breaking my heart over again
Someone should help me forget
But even if I forget, my heart is already wounded
Broken into 153 places


8 thoughts on “153 Places” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. I wan kry oo. Felt dis.

  2. This is good too, really touching.

  3. So @admin can actually write.

    Well done.

  4. hmmmm remember those the plane fell on? Kudos for a good poem

  5. Really really touching!

  6. Oh @Admin…153 places goes beyond the individuals but all that made up their live. Pieces? even more haunting!
    This is so sad……….

  7. sad memories- but good poem

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