Zion Song


By Oji Chisom Emmanuel


Like the wind we are

Look how we have come far

Filling every void

And yesterday we didn’t avoid

Diligently we nursed our scar


We wondered if we could make it

Thinking if we were unfit

On bent knee, we called on God

To become strong like a rod

That we shouldn’t quit


Just one word gave us strength

As we progressed through life’s length

Only if we knew how it would be

We would have loved honey like a bee

We wouldn’t have despaired and relent


We counted our loses, it became blessings

All of our suffering, became lessons

Our fears turned into faith

Our spirit longed for the pearly gate

Till we were covered with beautiful dressings


Never forget you days of humble beginning

Those were days of our winning

Our sun has risen, may it not set

Come together let us have a banquet

Round about love’s dinning


We were weak now we are strong

To a bleak future, let’s sing a song

Dancing to tunes of sweet victory

Telling tales of our history

Living in victory all life long


i wrote this poetry to cause inspirations and strength in the life of the reader, it is very powerful o! as you read remain blessed. thank you




11 thoughts on “Zion Song” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. Sure inspiring…..

    1. thank you very much

  2. Very powerful?

    1. kaycee, thanks wells.

  3. Nice poem. Really Zion’s song… song of victory.

    It’s not clear what you implied by “We would have loved honey like a bee.” I think I get it though… but it’s kinda vague.

    “We wouldn’t have despaired and [relent]” That should be [relented], grammatically speaking and I kinda doubt that poetic license justifies the way you wrote it, I guess it’s all for the rhyme.

    Well done, @chisom

    1. bees keep working for honey all their lives, and that do you know that honey is the only natural food that is made without destroying any kind of life. so it’s more of a food for thought- realization.
      yeah! i went over the ‘relent’ over and over. but since it touched my spirit continously i decided to live it like that, maybe for the rhyme too. merci, adios.

  4. Inspiring indeed. Nice try @Chisom

  5. Simple and pregnant with wit
    Wit… that essential soul of poetry
    @Chisom: well done and that expose on the bee was very good.Nice!

  6. NEVER FORGET TO CROSS THE i’s and dot the t’s, great poem though keep writing.

  7. Good poem. The description/addendum at the end is unnecessary.

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