Uloma Makes Her Move

Uloma Makes Her Move

Uloma couldn’t understand what was going on as she lay down in her sexy red lingerie next to the man of her dreams; he was fast asleep while she was fast becoming impatient. This was meant to be the night when she would finally let Feyi take their ten-year friendship to the next level. But perhaps he didn’t get the memo. Maybe he never found her that attractive in the first place – after all, it wasn’t as if they were ever in a relationship.

A decade ago, Uloma wouldn’t even consider dating a guy like Feyi. He was quiet and he rarely went out. He also didn’t try to keep up with the latest fashion trends.  She however was finicky about the way she dressed and always wanted to look her best. She was an energetic woman who was popular among her friends and was the most sought after confidant when it came to seeking advice on just about anything. Whenever any of her friends were going through a rough patch they almost certainly called on Uloma but when she needed a listening ear she found herself often confiding in Feyi. That night she had been out drinking with her usual clique of high-school friends but there was something irresistible about Feyi that urged her to invite him over for a nightcap.

Now there Uloma was staring at his well-defined back and wondering if she should touch him gently in a bid to remind him that she was on the other side of the bed half-naked. She had just about managed to convince him to share her bed since his six-foot frame was impossible to fit on her two-seater sofa. She couldn’t hold back any longer. At this point she longed for his embrace. She stroked her finger against the line of his spine very slowly from the base up. Feyi gradually turned over with his eyes barely open and subconsciously placed his arm on her toned waist. She thought she was beginning to make some progress but it would be a long night if she left him in charge of this seemingly ill-fated romance.



“Are you awake?”

“Uh-huh. What’s up?” he murmured.

“Could you spoon me?”

Feyi pulled himself closer to Uloma while she turned and tucked her curves snugly into his muscular thighs. Her heartbeat accelerated as she felt his warm breath on the back of her neck. She thought she even felt his lips subtly peck her but she couldn’t say for sure. She knew she didn’t deserve his affection after she had turned down all his past advances. Feyi had moved on since then but this time around he wasn’t in a relationship, nor was Uloma. Whenever she was asked by her girlfriends why she wouldn’t have a serious relationship with Feyi her automated response would be, “We’re just friends.” It seemed Karma had also tucked itself into Uloma’s bed.

She had led Feyi on for years. She had him at her fingertips and he just kept waiting for years, hoping that one day she would look at him the way a lover would. Uloma would put on a strong façade when she was around her friends but deep down she was very vulnerable when matters of the heart were concerned. Her track record with men had been hit-and-miss lately. She was usually drawn to bad boys but she had enough decency not to get involved with them, let alone invite them to spend the night. She had seen how such guys had broken the fragile hearts of her close girlfriends. If she was going to place the key to her heart in the hands of someone she could trust then she believed that person was already lying by her side.

As Feyi’s breathing got deeper, Uloma slid her leg up against his. Her body had become a discotheque of raving hormones. She had a vague feeling of what ecstasy used to feel like, but being in Feyi’s strong grip and getting a mild whiff of his alluring aftershave was the next best thing.

“I’m still crazy about you.” he whispered.

She turned to him and looked at his face which was partially illuminated by the moonlight coming through her bedroom window. He was strikingly handsome and he was also within kissing distance. She looked into his eyes then at his lips and then back at his eyes. He hesitated as he moved closer but her continuous gaze reassured him. As they began to share their first passionate kiss she knew that the friendship barrier had been broken forever.

There was no doubt in Uloma’s mind that this felt right. It was as if she was making up for lost time. She started to slide her hand down under the covers towards his boxer shorts and this simultaneously prompted Feyi to whisper three thoughtful words.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Uloma nodded and continued to let her hand wander further. She couldn’t help feeling that Feyi was getting a little nervous. Her southbound hand confirmed that he wasn’t aroused. If this awkward moment lasted any longer then she would probably have herself to blame for ruining what was once an uncomplicated friendship. But Uloma was a risk-taker in her working life so she had nothing to lose by taking one last leap of faith with her heart.

“I want you.” she said seductively.

Those three words were all it took to jumpstart Feyi’s libido and Uloma’s heavy hand confirmed it.  But before she could let herself explore the depth of his lovemaking she recalled the long talk with her mother in the village before leaving for boarding school. Her morals were kicking in and she wasn’t one to kick against them.

“Do you have protection?”

“No.” he said rather embarrassingly.

“Well that’s too bad. You could’ve rocked my world…”

She looked at the slight disappointment in Feyi’s face but she admired how he didn’t insist otherwise. She knew Feyi was a true gentleman and that he respected her. Unknown to Feyi, Uloma was already prepared for tonight and that she was the kind of woman that usually got what she wanted. It therefore came as a complete surprise to him when he felt the tender snap of latex against his manhood. He then realized that while he was lost in the long kiss her hands were on a different mission all along. They both giggled and after a blissful pause Uloma guided him into the Garden of Eden.


Tonwa Anthony, Nigeria.

Bio – I am an aspiring writer with a strong passion for poetry and creative writing. I also currently run a humorous blog called The Crazy Nigerian. My first book is due to be published later in 2012.

15 thoughts on “Uloma Makes Her Move” by jollof (@jollof213)

  1. Hahahahah
    Nothing I won’t read on Naika stoies!
    Garden of where??

  2. …Funny..Liked the read of this one..Wat a girl wants, she gets! Uloma rocks jare..Well done.

  3. No be small garden eden oh! Make I join Kaycee Laugh small…nice.

  4. I think this story is good. Really good.

  5. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Great job! Brilliant interpretation of the theme,well rounded female character, fresh rendition of the female sex response, not the stereotypical males that can let a woman rest. Not too sure about the garden of Eden though. Perhaps a more subtle rendition like her garden of pleasure or her pleasure chamber might have been better. Nice nice work. Attagirl!

    1. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      sorry i meant the stereotyp of the males always being the ones to want it :-)

  6. Short and straight to point. Twas engaging and I really enjoyed it.
    Gracias et sapientia. Hope to c u in the top ten.

  7. I liked this. Taut, with a bit of suspense thrown in for measure.

  8. Simple and well written. Don’t mind the garden of eden critics jor.


    I like this. Short, sharp, and sweet.

  10. Very close to perfection, this one. A lesson to other writers that they should ‘seek first the lessons of summary and all fear of word limit shall vanish’.

    Very brilliant work. Keep writing.

  11. Sometimes following comments of others before you can be discouraging. Still, we have to flow our bit.
    @jollof : You have written well and when I read the compliments of everybody I forgot all the queries that I had picked from the tale. Ouch! Any way, you aint going scot-free :). I think you should rework a bit of the last paragraph. You can remove a few things that make it clumsy. In essence, consider, removing most of the parts that related to Feyi there like ‘Unknown to Feyi, Uloma was already prepared for tonight and that she was the kind of woman that usually got what she wanted.’ This to me was a major snag. Perhaps, taking it out and just going on with the surprise latex coming on would have given the tale a tighter feel. So, it goes like He’s disappointed and about to curse his luck, then something comes on. That transition to me is sharp and would be more on-point plus in line with the general conciseness of your tale noted by others above.
    Meanwhile, go ahead with your Garden of Eden jor…after all, isn’t in it that we find the forbidden fruit, right in the middle of the garden? :) Cheers.

  12. Direct story, the woman took the lead- good. Thumbs up!

  13. well-thought out

  14. Real garden of Eden.

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