Treading Water

Treading water

Always throwing myself into the waves

I had no fear of the unknown,

No fear of the unexpected swells

No concern of what could come my way

Occasionally I would swallow water

Head under, salt in my throat

Eyes filled with tears

Coughing and choking

It never lasted long

As I would emerge and resume my strokes

Stronger than before

Going back to the rhythm of my hands

Splitting the sea in equal motion

Then you came along

And everything shifted

Your words startled me

I recognized the sound of your voice

I recognized you

You were the part of me I had been missing

I lost my focus and my balance

I went down like a stone

Unable to stop the fall

Through the glistening water

Transparent with sunshine

Laying on the seafloor

Looking up at the blue sparkling light

I felt a weight I had never felt before

How could I ever go back up?

Your eyes like the ocean

I was apprehensive

So afraid of losing you

I forgot how to be myself

How to move like I used to

My whole body felt like another’s

My mind could only have one thought

It resonated with your name

It took me years of learning again

I am back swimming

Enjoying the beauty of the ocean

Treading water

22 thoughts on “Treading Water” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. I like the parallels you have presented here.


  2. She is back indeed.
    Keep threading.

    1. Thanks @kaycee, nice play on words.Never expect anything less from you! :-)

  3. Yes. Keep moving. You only stop doing that when you’re dead.

  4. Nice one. Quite inspirational.

    A little too stretched in some places but ended very nicely.

    Simple and sweet.

    1. @jaywriter: Thanks Jay.The first draft I wrote was shorter and I realize that maybe I should have kept it that way. To reach 200 words is a bit hard for me.My poems are usually shorter.

      1. When life throws us a curved ball, it take courage and strength to soldier on…lovely poem

        The word restriction is no longer in place. You have write any which way you are inspired.

  5. Nice poem…

    The effect of gettin urself distracted…by love?(i dunno)

    but any way,
    now u up again,remain FOCUS.


    1. Thanks @osondu! Caring for someone is distracting because you may lose the one you love…

  6. Nice poem…

    The effect of gettin urself distracted…by love?(i dunno)

    but any way,
    now u up again,remain FOCUS.


  7. Nice one…When you ‘fall’, you got to get back up…Good thing that you are back threading water again…Well done…$ß.

  8. Introspective….love? i would say life!
    Shit happens, we move on stronger.

    1. Thanks @dottaraphels. My thoughts exactly. I come from a line of strong women who don’t take s..t from nobody! ;-)

  9. Welcome back…

    1. Thanks @raymond. It’s nice to be back.

  10. poetry is work and you did it well

  11. I ditto @mikeeffa. You did it well. Nice one

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