To Love A Woman (Chapter One of W.I.P.)


The ringing from the Nokia cell phone on the bedside table was persistent. Rita stirred on the large bed with an irritated hiss; she’d forgotten again to place the damn thing on silent before sleeping off.

Usually, she had her phone set on silent mode or switched off altogether once it was bedtime. How she hated people’s fondness for interrupting one’s sleep at night.

With a supreme effort, she pulled herself up from beneath the comfort of the feathery duvet and groped languidly for the ringing phone. Sliding it open, she held the small gadget to her left ear without bothering to look at the caller-ID screen.

“Hello…?” she breathed into the tiny mouthpiece, her voice gruff. She hoped whoever was calling had something important to say…

“Hi Rita?” A male voice she could not place a face on immediately, “How’s your night going? I just thought of you and felt I should give you a shout out…”

Not wanting to disturb her mate who appeared to be sleeping peacefully, Rita lowered her voice as she shifted to the other end of the bed. “Who’s this?” she asked, hiding her impatience within the whisper.

“This is Adelolu Gbenga”, the caller began to say.

Oh shit! Not again. She thought angrily. Adelolu was one of the new staff her office employed about a month ago. He’d been hired as an assistant manager in the Marketing department. His office was adjacent to her Admin department down the wide corridor.

She had noticed he was always frequenting her office on the pretext of coming to see friends. And she noticed that on each such occasion, he’d made sure he stopped by her workstation to say ‘hi’.

It was after the last inter-departmental meeting they had inside the auditorium at the ground floor that he had offered to join Rita and Buki, a female colleague from the Protocol unit, for lunch break at the staff canteen. As they conversed over lunch, she’d inadvertently obliged his request that they exchange numbers, without any inkling that he had other motives behind this request.

It was an action she regretted almost immediately for Adelolu started to bombard her cell phone with calls and text messages in no time.  She thereafter took the pain to explain to him politely that she was in a relationship she cherished. Yet Adelolu had continued his pursuit to woo her. Guys.

“And what do you want?” Rita hissed into the phone, “Do you know what time it is right now? Look Mr… Adelolu” she made a deliberate pause, “I don’t like receiving night calls, especially not from guys. And moreover, I told you I’m in a relationship! Please don’t call me again! Goodnight!” she switched off the phone, tossed it on the matted rug, and settled deeper into the bed.

“Who was that?” Wilfred’s voice almost startled her.

She turned to face him in the semi darkness.

“I thought you were sleeping?” she asked him, bringing her hand to feel his face.

“I just asked you a question, Rita!” Wilfred’s tone was insistent as he half propped himself on one of the pillows.

“Nobody you know”, she replied in an off-handed manner.

“So who was that?”

She let out a deep grunt before replying, “Just some idiotic new staff in my office who has been really annoying me with unnecessary calls”.

“But you never told me about any such guy in your office before”, he said accusingly.

“Baby, I said he’s a new staff. And moreover, do I have to keep inundating you with every guy that approaches me on the street?” She complained with a questioning shrug.

“So why was he calling you at this odd hour of the night? Doesn’t he have common sense to know you should be sleeping by now?”

“I don’t know why he was calling…and I’m sure you heard me told him not to call me again, Baby? Please lets go back to sleep, uhn?”

She pushed the duvet back and rolled over so she was half lying on top of him, tickling his earlobe with her warm breath.

“Put your arm round me, Baby”, she pleaded as she snuggled closer to him.

Wilfred obliged her request reluctantly and held her against his chest with one hand while the other hand involuntarily traced the soft mounds of her bare buttocks beneath the satin negligee.

Rita’s hand travelled playfully to his crotch and she felt his manhood gradually stiffening. “What’s that?” she asked and smiled mischievously.

“What’s what”, he replied, feigning ignorance.

“What’s that hard thing I’m touching?”

“I should be asking what your hand was looking for there?” he whispered in a voice that had suddenly gone husky with an intensifying emotion he was finding it quite difficult to contain.

“Let me see…” she said and slid to his waist so that her chin almost rested on his groin. With a deft movement she undid the zipper on his pyjamas and pulled it down to his knees.

But Wilfred suddenly held her head in both his hands in a restraining move as she made to do fellatio on him.

“Baby, what’s the problem? She asked, raising her head in surprise, “You don’t want me to play with you?”

Of course he wanted her to play with him, more so now that he was fully awake. But also there was this overriding inquisitiveness to dig into the real identity of his girlfriend’s strange night caller. Curiosity, they say, killed the cat; and Wilfred was certain that if he were to be a cat maybe he would’ve died thrice over – especially when it concerned Rita, his girlfriend.

She was a very beautiful twenty four years old with such feminine physiognomy that one could only imagine was the creative work of a master sculptor. Her hair was so naturally long he had mistakenly thought she wore a wig the first day they met.

That was a little over a year ago at a birthday bash organized for Nnena, Obidi’s immediate younger sister at their parents’ sprawling mansion in the heart of Maitama.

Obidi was his colleague and a close friend. They had both become acquainted when they were sent to China on a one year course as young trainee engineers with the NigComSat Limited, a foremost Satellite Communication giant in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa which prided itself in training and producing the best crop of Satellite engineers in Africa.

Nnena had then introduced Rita to Wilfred as her friend from their days in the Federal Government Girls College, Gboko. And Wilfred was immediately enthralled with Rita’s simplicity despite her beauty and modishness.

After the party that evening, he’d offered to drop her off at her residence in King’s Court where she was then sharing a two bedroom flat with her cousin. As he drove her home in his silver coloured 2005 model Honda, they’d conversed.

Soon they’d discovered that they enjoyed each other’s company. The conversation had flowed naturally and from their shared laughter, an observer would have thought they’ve known each other for ages; it wasn’t hard for Rita to discern that Wilfred was of a gentle spirit, with a serious and mature approach to issues.

Their attraction for each other had blossomed and four months later, at his invitation, she’d moved her things into his tastefully furnished three bedroom detached flat in the serene SunnyVale estate.

But it gradually turn out that their relationship began to witness more days of quarrelling and arguments, and Rita attributed this turn in events to Wilfred’s demanding nature. From the very beginning of their relationship he demanded to be the sole affection of her heart. But that wasn’t exactly a problem, for Rita knew in her heart that she truly adore him.

But these days, his possessive temperament had increased, subsequently putting strain on her nerves so that she had started feeling like a caged Dove. Yet, she kept reassuring herself that he would learn to relax once they got married and started having children.

On his part, Wilfred had explained to her time and again that his grouse was that she had too many male admirers.

“And how’s that any fault of mine?” she’d complained bitterly.

“I feel you’re encouraging them somehow”, he told her.

“How am I encouraging them?” Rita had wondered aloud.

“I don’t know. It could be through your body language…”

“I didn’t create myself, baby”, she’d reply, almost at the point of tears, “And what’s wrong with guys admiring and complimenting my looks, anyway? You’re the one that matter most to me. I love you and I don’t intend to leave you for another guy”.

Wilfred admitted to himself that he was unnecessarily overprotective of Rita. But the thought of losing her to some other guy out there he just could not bear, and that had always prompted him to assault her with barrages of interrogative remarks the moment he sighted her with any unfamiliar male.

And, ironically, he was yet to have a cause to doubt her fidelity. But didn’t the late Lucky Dube say in one of his hit songs that a beautiful woman is another man’s play thing? His Rita was very beautiful and she easily attracted the attention of men wherever they went – like the way nectar would readily attract insects and small birds.

To safeguard his interest, he therefore reasoned that he had to constantly keep an eye on her lest she fell into the many traps being laid on her path by these lusty men prowling out there in the streets and waiting to devour any unsuspecting pretty thing in skirts that had the misfortune of becoming prey to their antics…

“What’s the problem now, Baby?” Rita asked quietly, “Why did you restrain me? Don’t you feel like making love to me?”

“Be sincere with me, who was the person that called just now?” Wilfred inquired instead of answering her question.

Rita sat up suddenly on the bed. “Do you think I’m lying to you? I said he is a new staff in my office. Baby, I’m not finding your attitude funny any longer! You are beginning to make me sick with these accusations and suspicions.”

“Well it’s your fault…”

“How do you mean it’s my fault? What have I done wrong?” she asked, trying not to raise her voice.

“Do you expect me to be comfortable when you hardly go out and come back without some guy toasting you and asking you for a date?” Wilfred said grudgingly.

“Baby, what do you want me to do? Quit my job and start locking myself indoor? Is that what you want?”

“I’ve not said that, have I?”

“Then what do you want, baby?!” she cried and flung a throw-pillow at him in exasperation then jumped out of the bed and hurried barefooted into the bathroom.

Loathing himself for probably not handling the situation with the needed tact and wisdom, Wilfred readjusted his pyjamas and waited for a few seconds before sitting up on the bed. He switched the light and the bedroom came alive with the soft fluorescent glow in the Box-wood Chandelier mounted from the middle of the ceiling overhead.

He stepped into his slippers and stole a quick glance at the quartz clock seated on the dressing table a short distance from the bed.

“Eleven twenty four”, he muttered under his breath as he crossed into the bathroom.

Rita was leaning over the sink and dabbing her face with water from the running tap. She was sobbing quietly.

Wilfred came from behind and rested his right hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry, my love”, he whispered as he gently swung her round to face him.

At six feet and two inches, he was a good head taller than her five feet ten height.

“I’m sorry. I actually didn’t mean to upset you”.

“I want you to tell me something, Baby”, she muttered, choking back the tears, “Is it that you don’t trust me anymore or what?”

Wilfred looked over and past her head towards the full-length wall mirror. The mirror gave a good account of her well-proportioned and scantily clad figure viewed from behind and caused extra adrenaline to surge into his blood stream at the sight. God! She was so beautiful.

“Why are you always acting as though you don’t trust me?” she asked again, still staring searchingly into his face.

He returned his gaze from the captivating image in the mirror and looked longingly into her teary eyes. “Of course I trust you, Rita”, he replied and meant every word of it, “But I don’t trust those guys outside. I don’t want to lose you-”

“Look Baby, I love you…I love you dearly. I promise to never disappoint you”. And she wrapped her hands round him in a tender embrace, “But you must equally learn to trust me”.

“Come on, let’s go back to bed. It’s late”. He scooped her into his strong arms and strode back into the bedroom to deposit her onto the waiting bed.

Rita adjusted to create more room as he clambered after her.

“Baby, make love to me”, she moaned softly as he began to caress her breasts with renewed passion, “Make love to me like you’ve never done before, please”.

She slipped her negligee over her head while he used his free hand to search for the button on the wall. His hand closed in on the button and he depressed it with the impatience of a lone traveller who just stumbled on an oasis in the heart of the Sahara desert. The room was immediately thrown into semi darkness and Rita’s rapturous moaning soon rose to subdue the gentle hissing of the split air conditioner.


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  1. Hmmm. Man.

    The way you describe stuff is good. The way you also capture the ambiance of an environment…

    Noticed a few things. 1. A couple of typos…a particular place where ‘adore’ was used instead of ‘adored’…

    2. The dialogue read a bit stiffly to me…it did not flow. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

    That’s about it. Nice job. I smell trouble in the air.

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      Thanks a bucketful@Seun. I promise to keep at it until I get there. Plenty appreciation for dropping by.

  2. This is going to be boring for ME.

    You write well.

  3. I love your descriptions and the sequence of the write up though;
    Hope it won’t become boring as the story progresses in the tiny-line between love and hatred (my thinking though)

    Good one..

  4. Good one, nice progression, flashbacks and all…

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      @Elly, Thanks. Some reviews can sound so personal and BORING. But yours lifted my spirit and gave me the needed zeal to trudge on. Bigs up.

  5. Well, let’s see the next part..

  6. Amor (@iykewifey)

    Yea lol i smell wahala in the air with the over-protective

    boyfriend lol..

    you write well.

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      Thanks, Amor. I appreciate that you dropped by.

  7. I’ve seen this before but it wasn’t written… I second seun on the dialogue thingy. Sounded somehow… And I must be bush not to know that there is a pyjamas with a zipper.

    Good job. Well done. Waiting for next part…

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      @gooseberry. Thanks many much for d observe. I promise to kip workin on it with an eyes for achievin perfection…or at least somethin near dat precinct. Cheers

  8. The power of description stands out quite well, and the story itself is really great.

  9. Leekwid (@myself)

    @Prof, I’m happy you find the work an enjoyable read. Cheers

  10. very descriptive

  11. Too much of ‘baby’.

    The stupid guy will lose the stupidly in love gal.

    It could have been shorter. But nice work.

  12. Bored me after the 3rd paragraph. Good writing, whiny characters.

    In the 1st paragraph, the make of the phone is of no need. Also, ‘irritated hiss’ is tautology.
    The 2nd paragraph is irrelevant.

    3rd paragraph: “With a supreme effort, she pulled herself up from beneath the comfort of the feathery duvet and groped languidly for the ringing phone. Sliding it open, she held the small gadget to her left ear without bothering to look at the caller-ID screen.”

    Why not write: “Grunting, she pulled herself up,from beneath the duvet, reached for her phone and answered the call without looking at the Caller-ID.” Less words, more punch.

    The dialogue too.

    The guy is a bit too whiny, but that’s just me. Why not try to make him a bit more domineering rather than whiny, which are 2 different things?

    Good luck.

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      @Raymond, Thanks a bucketful; I suppose yours is a good example of how a constructive review should be. I promise I shall re-edit until I get it right, bro.
      This is my initial draft, anyway.
      Bless you.

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