The Universe

Who created the universe?
The Earth, Cosmos, Planets and All
Science says Big Bang
How does this explain from where we sprang?
Evolution says evolved from monkeys
Over time we stopped swinging from trees
Adapting to our present needs
Each school of thought has its flaws
Can’t explain the extinction of dinosaurs
The unseen precedes all that is seen
The unformed before all that is formed
Not all that is or exists have form
The air just is and has no uniform
Breath is and we exist
We sleep
And see a different reality
Awake we see
Is this reality?
In dream we see things that come to be
Is there a different you and me?
Maybe an alternate reality
An unseen you and me
Living in a future or alternate reality
While the present you and me
Lag behind for eternity
How else can you explain what we see in dreams,
Which many times affect our present reality?
Is this, is there a symbiotic relationship here
Between Present and Future you and me
An unseen connection that exists
But can’t be seen?
Thoughts can’t be seen but are real
They exist because of you and me
If thoughts are unseen and real,
Then you and I
Both are creators of our own universe
We think transport and create cars
Think shelter and create buildings
A barren Land we make fertile
Architects we are of our universe
But are we masters of our universe?
Creator of the Cosmos, Planets, The Universe?

8 thoughts on “The Universe” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. Indeed this is a food fop thought. Gracias.

  2. Food for thought.

  3. What is this one saying again O°˚˚˚!

  4. Really, nice lines, but still floating

  5. Nice lines…Well done..

  6. @seun-odukoya, @lactoo, @kaycee, @elovepoetry and @sibbylwhte

    Thanks for your comments

  7. the universe indeed is great and we are all part of it- nice poem

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