The Honest Hug

The Honest Hug

I reach out

and you incline

towards me in

ardent pleasing motion

Like a bird

on the calm breeze

of early morn

the nearness of you

warms me

your arms close

around my delicate form

and i in blissfull



32 thoughts on “The Honest Hug” by emilyonikaba (@shewhoisloved)

  1. No long thing.

    Just like a hug. But can leave forever in the memory…

    Nice one.

  2. Yaay! Thanks Seun .One of my favourite things to do in this world is to hug someone, its a beautiful thing.

  3. Simple and impressionable.

    1. Thanks Sontel.

  4. @shewhoisloved


    The imagery this etched on my mind was that of a baby reaching out to its mother to be carried.

  5. RIO (@riowrites)

    I agree with @Afronuts. There is beauty in simplicity.

  6. Thank you so much RIO.

  7. I need a hug right now… Nice poem.

    1. thank you#hugs#

  8. Leekwid (@myself)

    Nice and straight to the point. Well done

    1. Thank you Leekwid

  9. Soothing Emily, like hot chicken soup on a cold rainy day. I just hugged myself.

    1. Awww, Dottaraphels thank you.

  10. Simple and cool

    1. Gracias adaobiokwy

  11. Simply cool…There’s a poem I came across titled ‘Why God made hugs’…yours is quite like it…Well done Emily…$ß

  12. simply beautiful.

  13. simply beautiful.

    1. Kayceeee!!! Thank you.

  14. @emily,simple things are beautiful,just like a hug and a poem well written…nice one.

    1. @ogbole, i love your comment. Thank you.

  15. Very simple!!!! Very memorable.

    1. @gretel,i am glad you think its memorable. #big hug#

  16. I tell you, an honest hug is one of the most beautiful things!

    1. @Myne, very beautiful indeed Myne! Thank you.

  17. succinct, you nailed it kpakam…

    Nice one!

    1. @elly, #big smile#

  18. Hugging! E fi ra yin le jo.

    1. Ahn ahn…its good to hug joor

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