The Aftermath

The Aftermath

His words were of a tomorrow to die for

And his kisses lit up fires she never knew about before

A clueless, graceful passerro

With a shy smile that projects

Purity and innocence of her soul

Never knew she’d find sorrow

In giving her heart to the one to the

One she hoped to spend all of tomorrow

Little meetings at the back streets

To share the few kisses of stolen passionate kisses

Colourful words to paint enchanting pictures

Drawn into the circle of embrace filled with deft touches

Lights are unecessary intrusion

Darkness sharpens the thrill of expectations

Now she’s finding out the parts of her that

Are capable of revolts

Quivering tighs

Trembling lips

Flushed skin full of life

Beneath his endless warm kisses

Lithe like a sparrow

Her back arched against the cold wall

The liquid fire in her veins shut out her mother’s call

Her first time

Her only time

While it lasted the concept of time was forgotten

Riding the waves upon waves of

Passion whe could only once imagine

Gone now is the first sharp pain of piercing

Submerged in the rising pleasurable frenzy

Silent tears shut in behind the closed eyes

So she couldn’t see her lover’s cold lies

Her first time

Her only time

Was in the arms of someone out to commit a crime

No warm cuddles afterwards

His sweet tongue had lost it touch for sweet words

Week knees bearing broken treasures

Emptiness withing after the thrill of heavenly pleasure

Now she’s going thru the A,B,C and Ds of painful aftermath

Absolute loneliness

Broken innocence

Confusing and conflicting emotions

Dejection takes the place of beautiful sensations

Her first time

Her only time

Now I hope the baby comes in the summer time

So she could have one more day of sunshine in her prime.


17 thoughts on “The Aftermath” by ilerioluwa (@ilerioluwa)

  1. Damn.

    Innocence lost…


  2. She lost her innocence so innocently.

  3. Powerful poem!

    Nicely narrated with striking imagery.

    But…bros, typos full ground oh!

    And I think you could re-couch this line better:

    ‘To share the few kisses of stolen passionate kisses’ – did you mean to say ‘to share the few moments…’

    And what’s a ‘passero’

    1. a passero is italian for sparrow. thanks for your comments; really helpful.

  4. Almost astounding.

    Weak kneels (knees)
    Emptiness withing (within)
    “To share the few kisses of stolen passionate kisses” (something is off here)
    and u used ‘thru’ stead of ‘through’

    Perhaps the lines that started with the ABC and D’s should have had their first letters emboldened, as it is, peeps might miss the words.

    Its actually a beautiful poem… on 2nd read.

  5. Good work. Reads nice.

  6. Yea.. innocence once lost, never can be found…it’s even worse when it’s loss comes with a punishment of some sorts…Well done…$ß

  7. so many never get to realise the thorny aftermath of “pleasure”, until its too late…beautiful poem,but with some typos…welldone.

  8. Wow!! This is powerful… Others have pointed out the errors.. Powerful….

  9. This is so amazing and beautiful,very descriptive,I go with Afronuts. Well done dear.

  10. Amor (@iykewifey)

    About from the typos pointed out

    This peom is bomb!

  11. tade (@tadethompson)


  12. Well done @ilerioluwa…far too many babies hoped for the summer, too many growing up way too fast.
    I wonder why the rush, growing up is all we can but do, as innocence and youth is soon left behind.

  13. It’s really a nice poem when all the typos are corrected…

  14. You did well and it shows in the poem.

  15. Kpele for her… Nice work. Check the small errors.

  16. Beautiful imagery…right use of words….Kudos!!

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