Something Extraordinary

Something Extraordinary

Today, the chaplain said “when you want God to do something extraordinary,do something extraordinary. don’t say ‘but I have my normal offering here’ “.

Like many *scratch that*MOST of the things said in this ‘Commission’, that got me thinking-are we trying to pay God for His services?

okay, so I need to get that promotion,and at that level,I’ll be earning N5 million.I guess i should increse my church offering from N500 to N 5,000. Surely, God will see what I have done and decide to get me that promotion so I can give some more to the church when I come to share the testimony.???

I’m not saying people shouldn’t give offerings in church, but why has everything, including God’s blessings, been put up for sale? What happens to the poor members of the congregation who can’t afford to do ‘SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY’?Will they not get blessed?Or do they have to get that ‘Extraordinary Substance” by any and all means if they want blessings?

I once attended a church service where the pastor said he had seen that 37 people were going to give money. He started from the ‘BIG boys’-“If you will give N100,00 and above,come out“, then to the ‘big boys’- ‘If you will give 50,000 and above, come out now!“, and went on and on till “Yes!…there’s someone we are still waiting for! If you know it’s you, come out now!” and then finally, “bring anything you have“.

Guess which group got special prayers and anointing from the pastor.

I was nauseated.It was a bloody auction in the ‘House of God’.

And I wonder- Isn’t it more probable that God would bless somebody for giving that student who’s behind in class some tutoring, giving that poor woman a blanket, mentoring a delinquent,or even adopting a child, than for giving N10 million to the church? The last time I checked, God didn’t need our money. He, however, wanted us to be our neighbour’s keeper.

I am saddened because giving an offering in church has become a ‘GET VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY’affair. Bleesings can’t be bought. They aren’t even earned!

In my opinion,giving lots of money in church,not because it’s from your heart,but because you want something from God,is worthless.God seesbeyond what the church accountant sees.He sees beyond what the pastor and other church members see. He sees the heart.Pastors should stop making their followers believe that God’s favour is directly proportional to how much is given in church.

But then, it’s all just my opinion.




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  1. And your opinion makes a lot of sense!..
    Seriously it is very annoying…I mean, Jesus chased away the traders in the temple, but these days the traders are on the altars doing their thing…
    God’s blessings are free, why should I be told to pay for it?…Tscheew!..

    Interesting topic…Well done…$ß.

  2. Nowadays, it’s all about prosperity for most Christians. And it’s no wonder that with the situation in Nigeria as it is, many are sucked in due to desperation.

  3. @Sara…your opinion is shared by many my dear. Many pastors these days brag how wealthy their God is, hence the idiocy of their display.

    Naija is not alone in this lunacy…this is a multi billion dollar business in the U.S,U.K.,Asia and the Indies etc…it’s a cancer that is plaguing Christendom and only God will save us all!

  4. Church is not church again oh! its business. growing up in a pastor’s house, i will tell you plainly that at some point God is no more in the picture and its all about the profit. so glad d Bible is there for pure truth and any1 who follows a man and says he was lured to lies, deserves what he gets. gbam!

  5. I think this is a general (public) opinion @tokuharash.

    Nice one. I’ve stop worrying myself over this, same way I stopped giving donations in church. I just take whatever I have and give to the needy and less privilege, instead of giving my widow’s mite to a “man of God” who’s riding a jet or two.

    God help us…

  6. My opinion too. Wonderful piece

  7. Give and it shall be given back to you. Its is not a christian doctrine alone. It is the law of nature. It doesn’t matter who you give, just give, u will receive. Try it.

    And I know several people who gave in their church and had outstanding non coincidental miracles.

  8. The biggest error people make concerning God is one concerning free will offerings, or sowing seed.

    Yes, its true that the more you give, the more you receive, but if you give to the wrong person or cause, your reward is nothing. True giving revolves around true need. If you see or find a situation or person that needs your time, energy or resources, that would be and is the best time to give. And such giving has nothing to do with the Church or any church.

    If you are to a ‘sow a seed’, such sowing should be based upon the same principle above.

    Look around you in church. Observe those in need. Investigate the lives of people around you in your congregation. Once you discover their need or needs, if you are in any position to help or alleviate any of their burdens; this is where your giving should lie. This is the seed you need to sow.

    If you want success, everyone wants success. What makes you stand out from the success hungry crowd is to not only pray for the success of others, but to actively seek for or play a part in ensuring in the success of others, rather than yours.

    The logic simply is, whatever you do for others the universe, the laws of what you sow is what you reap takes effect.

    For this same reason the Bible says when I was hungry you fed me. Naked you clothed me. In prison you visited me. If you are able to do for those unable to do for themselves, more so those undeserving of your kindness or help but are in need of kindness and help… you are in effect sowing generously to reap generously. Only a generous heart gives even when the recipient is undeserving.

    If the church was truly looking after its congregation or the flock, giving and sowing in the church would make perfect sense.

  9. While i liked your message, i would also want you to know that sometimes we tend to read what we want from what people say, if a man of God asks you to sow something extraordinary- and your hearts not in it and you do it because you want to gain something, you will most likely get zilch.
    I encourage people to give even after complaints of Pastors/Church workers pilfering money, who is the money intended for -God, whose money is it- even the one you think you have- God, so why not let Him fight his fight, they will steal in the dark, He will expose them in the light.
    Wisdom should be used when giving, any type of giving, an infertile ground will yield nothing!

  10. Well nice post. i share some of your views< but not all.

    I think giving (in the house of God or wherever) is good, so long as its from your heart. But then one shouldn't under estimate the power of sowing seeds. they are some practical examples in the bible. I tell people that sowing a seed is a kind of covenant or agreement. it should not be forgotten that Abram made a special offering to God just briefly before God changed his name to Abraham and then made a covenant with him.

    Giving doesn't mean how much you have to give, but according to ur abundance. I don't encourage semi-auctions in the house of the Father. But the truth is that something extraordinary brings forth extraordinary results. No matter how little. Plus an offering doesn't have to be monetary, our efforts alone are cool.

    examples are Cain and Abel, the Lady who touched the hem of Jesus' garment(that act was extraordinary). So yes you can ask from him, even with gifts. That's why he's a Father and a Friend. The important thing is doing it the right way.

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