This is a poem I wrote when we were Occupying NS for the word limit to Poetry.

The sappling
That begged
The mighty Oak
For a drop of rain,
is an Iroko.

The Iroko
The farmer’s cutlass
For its keenest edge
Only tickles.

The belle
That used to bathe in the rain
See her, hiding
Behind banana leaves;
What have we not seen?

Is this land
Not ourS?
Did we not plow
When the land
Thirsted still?

Now, we are turned away;
Our cutlass
Fail to punish the Iroko
And the belle
Hides from us her face.


29 thoughts on “Not-ourS?” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Xikay is at it again with his strong short poems.

    1. @louis that’s me bro… thanks.

  2. Nice one Xikay…

  3. Nice writ….
    Irokos and Belles of our land must face the axe…..
    Ye they must…

    1. and they will @charles. Thanks

  4. Good as usual. Welldone @xikay

  5. Most would not understand this. But the oldies of earlyNS would.
    @xikay, this is wonderful and careful. I would have been bolder.

    NS is because we are
    We are because NS is.

    1. Chief @kaycee I made it subtle cos its poetry…my style is to cloak so it can mean many more things

  6. We are humbled! “when men gather together to urinate on the red earth, the foaming is plenty and visible”.
    @Xikay…truly humbled!

    1. @dottaraphels this your quote no get part2 o…me likey. But I wonder why you did not say
      “when WOmen gather together to urinate…” LMAO

    2. Hehehe,the women hide behind banana leaves to urinate naah. Abi no be so u talk again?hehe

      1. @jonnysnow so na revenge quote ba? Laff go kee me

        1. Hehehe! Abeg never die oh, I need to read many more of ya works.

          1. @jonnysnow okay o. but you go agree say that her quote a Baba!!

  7. @dotta, i luv the quote.

    1. is it because of the urination or the foaming? O_O …..Just kidding.

  8. There’s no need to worry…everything that does not have root or substance will always be uprooted.

    Over time all things that have worth will always outshine the razzle-dazzle. No be so


  9. Thanks @aturmercy..nice words you said.

  10. Subtly firm.
    Apart from the originally implied message, it’s got lot more dimensions.
    Very well done… @xikay

    1. thank you @chimzorom…that was the aim…write with multiple meaning so that if i publish it where they know nothing of NS, it’d make sense.

  11. The history of NS cannot be complete without some earliest members like you, annabelle, estrella, Lawal, etc You guys gave NS wings and brought prestige and recognition to the platform…

    Nice piece xikay, NS meant well, I’m sure, and I know you guys would always want the best of this our platform too. Thank God all is back to the way it was…

    1. yeah thats right @banky…we all mean well for anything Nigerian that is positive, and in the case of NS, very positive.

      The Admin team is awesome and I must confess that I admire the courage you guys put into this…well done.

  12. Nostalgic… I really miss the good old days on NS…

    1. good days are around the corner again @raymond

      1. No.

        Those days are gone. Sometimes…it’s for the better. In this case…

        I think it remains to be seen.

        Nice one – Xikay.

  13. Very nice and deep and allegorical. Possesses the power of an haiku. What I like about your style is that the simple words and relatable allegory allow the reader to read again and again to enjoy the poem the more and draw out more meaning. In the end what you have is an interesting poem rather than one that bores you with its complexity and excessive cloaking.

    Well done. Keep perfecting your art. There is no end to learning.

    1. I’m glad that you like it.

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