Measuring Waves

Wasn’t he foolish?
Captain Carlos’ first and last move: to plough the sea.
To straighten the sea waves in plumbed manner. An Architect’s
Masterpiece was his intention. Tools on deck; tape, chords and all
He set out to his dream.

Swinging back and forth, he became his own victim
As angry waves grew and leaped. Subtle ripples ignored calmness
And embraced rage, bursting paths in awakened passion.

Who traps the unseen?
Even the earth knows not to balance day and night.
And when this is over Carlos, show me a glass half-full.

See the Silent pride
In these Guests;
Water clear paradigm
Of mismatched ego
How do we define Selfishness?
Is it from these
Mouthful whispers
Here at my banquet?

In fair deed I called all;
Egalitarian manner.

In fairness, I wish I hadn’t.
Right here, Capitalism stood
And how, I watched
As my banquet crumbled from:

7 thoughts on “Measuring Waves” by JAY'S PLANET (@JaysPLANET)

  1. “And when this is over Carlos, show me a glass half-full” In the first poem, I like this line most.
    I like the second poem than the first; it gives me multiple meanings- betrayal by trusted ones, colonialism and a state of anarchy. I dunno if that’s the intended message, but that’s what I get and I like it.
    Well done, @jaysplanet

  2. I like the second poem more.
    You did well.

  3. Like the second more…the 1st is cool in its own way though..Well done Jay P…$ß.

  4. Enjoyed the first one more. It read more like ‘guiliver’s travel’

  5. Thanks my great NS friends. Yeah, I think I like the second poem more.
    @Chimzorom, you are right about the theme of betrayal in the second poem.

  6. i loved the first more. well done

  7. I love both of them…lol. Keep writing

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