Intimate Violence – His Story

Intimate Violence – His Story

In a world where patriarchy is heritage, nothing has been left to chance about the male dominance – man is the head, and woman the neck. Women troop-demonstrated to Beijing and declared, on a platform for action, how violence is meted on them by men. Well, it is true women are the most abused, but there are other silent – and innocent – victims often neglected and never heard or not listened to.

Some men take Kenny Rogers words to heart(‘…son you don’t have to fight to be a man…’). This crop of men folk cringe, and turn the other cheek when they can’t walk away, at the face of violence(perceived or real). Thence, their women find punching bags, many a time target practice, in them.

In the name of combating rape, and other violence directed at women, there are many dangerous women – 12th Dan black belts – on the prowl in world’s boroughs who have been unleashed by different dojos. Nevertheless, instead of using their sensei-inculcated-tactics on the monsters that trail them in cahoots they use their Bruce Lee techniques on their sweethearts(of course when the man of the house pushes a little further to assert his maleness).

The tragic stories that abound in intimate relationships and marriages – from spouses killing each other in the middle of the night to marital related suicides – have made headlines on both print and electronic media.

Not very long ago did the broadcasting stations here in Kenya tell the whole world of a man who had been beaten up, and injured seriously, by the wife following a brawl about the family radio in Nyeri, Kenya (you should have seen his disfigured stature). When the rest of the world was enjoying Christmas last year December , the media vultures were busy broadcasting live a man being beaten by his wife on all TV stations for allegedly abandoning his matrimonial duties in Nairobi, Kenya.

These and many other horror stories of couples suffering in the sweet arms of their lovers overabound. It is a trend that has become a norm, but only the ever vocal (and obviously the eternal abused and violated) fairer sex tells the world what they are going through. In a society where macho is a quality for masculinity men have suffered in silence fearing female tongue lashing and bruising their egos and injuring their precious prides.

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12 thoughts on “Intimate Violence – His Story” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)

  1. some one is at last noticing the plight of good men.

  2. “Well, it is true women are the most abused”

    I strongly disagree with this. Do you have the statistics to back it up?

    BE CLEAR (‘cos I can hear some emotion-over-logic people gearing up): I’m not saying women are not the most abused; I am saying are you in a position to make that assertion? Do you have your facts?

    That said; I appreciate the ‘small’ light you’ve shed on the issue. Men; sometimes are victims.

    1. Well, I did my homework, but this is an unsolicited observation… no cold hard facts!

  3. Yeah. There was a time the issue of domestic violence was being considered as an issue against men as well; I think in one of these western countries.

  4. You have touched on something most victims would rather not speak about.. It’s getting rather common these days and there are now many shelters and groups available for abused men.

    Something to think about definitely.

    1. Yes, machismo days are long gone… men should speak up.

  5. Yes, men also are abused and rarely speak out, for a different kind of shame.

  6. Unfortunately this does happen. But it isn’t as common an occurrence when compared to women being on the receiving end.

    I wouldn’t venture to say that the frequency of occurrence or awareness is low because men refuse to speak out, but that it does occur is undeniable.

  7. @Seun-odukoya, when there’s a ‘stronger’ and a ‘weaker’, definitely the latter would suffer more.

    @elovepoetry, true talk. I think in this present age, humans are gearing faster towards being animalistic. In every aspect.
    I won’t be surprised if soon, we begin to live in caves and bushes again.

  8. Shebi they’ve been saying that whatever a man can do…… (-______-)

  9. this got my heart…. making my night

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