I Just Don’t Know

I used to think I was a tom-boy,
Till someone told me I loved pink colours,
And this shattered me so,
Because I just didn’t know.

I used to think myself above fashion,
Till I heard of how impeccable my dress sense was,
And this saddened me,
Because I just didn’t know.

I used to think myself the ice-queen,
Till my hubby told me I was too clingy,
And this shocked me,
Because I just didn’t know.

I used to think I was indispensable,
Till I was fired!
Now reality has set in,
Because, I just didn’t know.

I used to think myself the scribe master,
Till I couldn’t scribble words to save my name,
And this sent me into a downward spiral,
Because I just didn’t know.

Now that the ‘me’ I know is gone,
My very essence has been eroded,
Who is this new person? I wonder
Because, I just don’t know any more!

13 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Know” by enoquin (@enoquin)

  1. @enoquin

    You better know o. YOU BETTER KNOW or else…

    Worse things than your ‘hubby saying’ might just happen.

    I think it’s nice. I like the simplicity within the lines.


  2. Nice poem. I like the simplicity and coherence.
    This is just to let you know that it’s not actually what you think you are but what you really are.

  3. This is good.
    Deep and light at same time.
    I can relate.

  4. very nice. simple and wide.

  5. I love this…don’t know your take @enoquin…mine is that this is what one gets, when you allow others to define you.

  6. Nice poem…
    Reinforces our need to know ourselves.
    But honestly,like d ocean,we can not fully comprehend ourselves for new things surface in us daily.

    Beau poem!

  7. Do we ever completely know ourselves? I doubt. Changes happen all the time.
    Nice lines…Well done…$ß.

  8. Nice… short n deep.

  9. Nice one. Really nice and beautiful lines. Love the brevity

  10. QueenNobo (@queennobo)

    I just love the way you write, Eno…

  11. Wow this is lovely!
    The psychologists call it windows, the unknown ones.
    Well, the transformation is over the ego now, to a welcome
    High self-esteem subsequently.
    Dalu o.

  12. cool, hope say dem no fire you sha? Nice flow, attractive ending.

  13. @enoquin
    I love this……… nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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