How Sophie found her man

How Sophie found her man

Richard was munching the hotdog and sipping from the chilled juice drink Sophie brought him.

“So tell me, now that you’re fully recuperated, where were you coming from the night you were attacked?” Sophie inquired as he devoured the snacks with ravenous appetite.

“From a friend’s birthday party” Richard replied, crushing a load of the snack in hungry big bites.

“Who’s this friend of yours if I may ask” She pressed, her hazel eyes twinkled intuitively.

“Why do you ask?” There was a mock alarm in his voice.

“Curiosity…I just want to know…nothing more.” She giggled as she drew close to him, stealing a sip from his drink.

“Hope curiosity doesn’t kill the cat” Richard muttered “Well he’s a course mate.”

Sophie heaved a sigh of relief. She was happy that he didn’t say it was a female friend’s party. She didn’t hide her affection for him. Richard’s presence, though happening by a fortunate stroke of chance, gave her the happiness and sensual pleasures she’d long hoped for.

“I’ve sent your clothes to the drycleaners” She added.

“A million thanks,” Richard replied, “How I wish I could reciprocate your kind gestures soon.”

There was no response from her.

“I need to go to the hostel now” Richard said as if talking to himself. Apparently he realized he needed to see Kalu to collect his course notes for the periods he’d missed the lessons. For three days he hadn’t been to class; he was resting from the shock he received when robbers accosted him on his way from the party.

“You’re going no where.” Sophie protested.

“Come on, Sophie, I need to collect Kalu’s notes and then come back to rest” he insisted, getting up from the bed.

“You’re going no where.” She repeated, pushing him back slightly. He landed on the bed. Her hazel eyes sparkled with an inviting stir.

Richard knew the terrains of love very well. He knew when a woman wanted him. The snacks he was munching slipped off his hands. He drew close to her. Pulling her head gently to his, he planted a kiss on her pouting lips.

“I love you Sophie,” he let out those words romantically. It was no lie. He meant them from the bottom of his heart. She hesitated for a moment, apparently to allow the words sink into her being.

“I love you too Richard.”

They rolled on the bed. Richard cuddled her, pressing her body sensuously against his. With both hands, they explored the sensitive places of each other’s bodies. He kissed her lips hungrily, thrusting his tongue deep down inside hers. The warm feeling lingered. It worked a mesmerizing effect fanning stokes of fire inside both of them.

Richard got her at the base of her womanhood. He caressed her breasts. He squeezed her pointed nipples against the laced fabric she was wearing gently and passionately. She moaned softly. He could feel her nipples swell into a hardened mass. As their bodies united in love chemistry, an electric thrill flushed through her. She groaned in ecstasy.

She quickly removed his short and reached for his rock-stiff manhood. She seized it. Stroking his member back and forth in between her palm, it became increasingly turgid. She watched him blush in erotic pleasure as the action continued. She withdrew momentarily when he was on the throe of orgasm. She didn’t want him to ejaculate so soon. Enough of the foreplays, she wanted the real thing.

Richard helped her to unfasten the buttons of her gown. She hurried out of it. She shoved the dress aside, kicking out her shoes too. He didn’t bother to remove her lingerie because it turned him on the more. He released the hook of her bra and a pair of bouncing boobs dangled into his waiting hands.

“You’re so beautiful, Sophie” he whispered lightly into her ears as he cupped her throbbing breasts.

“Richard, I want it now” Sophie begged.

He pulled down her G-string mid-way and pushed the lingerie upward. An enticingly lubricated recess faced him. He slotted his turgid member from behind. She moaned wildly, gasping in sexual ecstasy, as he thrust in and out steadily. After what seemed like eternity, they both reached the peak. Richard shot his load inside her. She climaxed in intensified fever-pitched jerks.

They were not done yet. In another five minutes, they were back again. This time Sophie was on top, rolling her thighs in frenzied movements to absolve the whole length of his manhood. She thumbed her buttocks in an in-and-out, up-and-down fashion. A wave of electrifying spasm engulfed her. She let out a loud moan before crashing on Richard’s chest. For the next hour and half, they made grasping love, changing styles and trying out new positions until they slept off, completely exhausted.

Sophie and Richard belonged to different world. Richard came from a poor background. Having lost his father at a tender age, it was an uphill task for his widowed mother to take care of him even though he was an only child. His father worked with an oil company in Port Harcourt. Upon his sudden death, arising from industrial hazard, his paternal uncles connived and appropriated all his assets. They threw his mother out of their house, forcing her to undergo a derogatory widowhood rite. They subsequently went to the company and claimed all entitlements due the dead man which they ultimately usurped. His mother had to move to Lagos where she gradually began to take charge of her life by trading in second-hand wares.

Sophie had an affluent background. Her dad, Chief Everest Orakwe, was the protem chairman of a highly-successful bank headquartered in Victoria Island. Her mum, Chief (Mrs.) Everest Orakwe, owned a chain of supermarkets in several highbrow locations. As the third of six children, all girls, Sophie had come to live in a home of females except for the retinue of chefs, stewards and other domestic male staffs who worked in their mansion. This perhaps explained why she had once cherished the company of boys so much when she was growing up. But her recent experiences with the opposite sex had turned out, until she met Richard, bitter and unfulfilling.

Lanre, her first boyfriend, stole her heart and virginity like a thief in the night. He broke it by sleeping with her best friend.

“Lanre!” Sophie screamed. “You and Kemi in the act!” She’d bumped into his room unexpectedly. To her utter surprise, she caught them red handed in the heat of passion. Lanre’s parents were away to London for a business trip and had left him under the care of his ever-busy aunties. So he’d ample chance to do what he liked.

“Look here Sophie, don’t scream at me as if you own me…Now listen up… I’ve never been in love with you. I only used you to pass time. Now I’m in love with the one I really like.  So if you don’t mind, vamoose!” Lanre spat.

Tears rolled down her cheek. Could love be this brutal and devastating, she wondered. That experience almost took her life. She could neither eat nor sleep. The whole drama had kept on replaying in her mind’s screen like a nightmarish home video.

Then came the gibberish talking Okey who owned a couple of electronic shops in Idumota. That one never made a sentence without the utter reference to money and material things.

“Fine girl, no pimples, what’s your name?” he asked in deeply accented Igbo intonation in an attempt to win her heart at a party. Without letting her respond, he prattled “Look if you agree to be my lover, I’ll shower you with plenty of good gifts. I am Okey Ajuluchukwu, managing director of Okeyson Nigeria Limited, importers of all types of Japanese electronics” He boasted.

“My name is Sophie Orak…” Sophie hadn’t finished when he whisked her to met some of his friends who were grooving in the foyer. He introduced them as managing directors of their own businesses. Again he took her to the garage in the ground floor where he flaunted his Mitsubishi 4×4 jeep.

Not that she liked him. If anything, she hated his unrefined guts and constant reference to money and material things.  She jumped into the relationship to erase the memories of her failed past relationship. To offset the bitterness that Lanre inflicted on her. Like Lanre, she later realized, Okey was only using her to satiate his animal instinct for the time being. When he was ready to take a wife, he went to his hometown of Aguata to pick a wife.

“Sophie” Okey rasped one fateful day. “I’m afraid you won’t have to visit my house again.”

“Why…Anything wrong??” Sophie innocently inquired.

“Err…err…my mother is bringing me a wife from the village tomorrow. This is Twenty Thousand Naira. Take it. Take care of yourself. I’m sorry oh…” He said, handing her a bundle of wad. She collected the money and flung it at him.

“May God punish you Okey if you think you can use and dump me” she spat at him.

“To hell with you and your stinking money!” That day she cried non stop. Her tears could have filled a 5-litre jerry can.

Richard’s entry into her life was her third attempt at love. She prayed it worked out well. Right from the day both of them set eyes on each other in the library, something inside her told her that this was her man: the man she could call her own; the so called ‘Mr. Right’ who would walk her down the aisle and take her to the alter one day. She wanted to get acquainted but she couldn’t afford to make the first move. It was a man’s task.

Much unlike in the developed countries of Europe and America where it wasn’t strange for a woman to make the first moves on a man she fancied and even wanted to indulge in adult games. In a fast food restaurant in The Bronx in New York sometime ago, an attractive woman in her late twenties passed a note to one of the black guys working in the scullery. The note had a scribbled message: ‘Hey you look delicious you know. I could be delicious tonight – at my place if you dare to come along.’

American men, particularly blacks and Hispanics, were known not to slack or renege on such offers that put their sexuality to test. The plate washing man couldn’t let the offer bypass him. He grabbed it with both hands determined to make the best out of it.

He took a French leave off his job and accompanied the lady to her apartment in the Bardot district in her posh BMW wonder-on-wheel automobile. He didn’t fail her; he gave her a studded bang she would never ever forget in her life.

The women turned out to be a top executive in a flourishing modeling agency that had a string of contracts with a myriad of top notched clients. So impressed the woman was that she signed a whooping Hundred Thousand Dollars contract with this guy to make himself available for sex rounds anytime she wanted it. The contract was said to be renewable annually with a 10 percent upward review subject to the satisfactory performance of the guy. But in this part of the world, such actions were considered abominable. Such a woman would be labeled a slut, a lecherous bitch!

Sophie thanked her luck that Richard felt same way too. He got her attention and asked for her contact details. She gladly obliged him though skeptical to give her heart again. What if he broke it like the two others before him, she thought. But it wouldn’t do her any good to forever seal the doors to her heart. Another trial was worthwhile. They eventually struck a relationship and so far they were getting on well.

During the holiday, she brought out her Toyota Camry car, her dad presented it as a birthday gift when she turned twenty-three, and took Richard to a number of elitist places. They visited ShopRite and Games in the Palms Shopping Complex. They also went to an exclusive beach in Lekki where they had fun – playing hide-and-seek in between the boulevard of coconut trees, feeding each other with skewed barbecue gulped down with red wine, and ending up in a bamboo tent where they dissipated energies making love in the cool of the seething sea breeze Finally she’d taken him to Collectibles in Surulere. There she bought him the choicest and latest jeans, denim tops, shoes, belts, suits, ties and other accessories. It cost over Two Hundred Thousand Naira.

“Hey Sophie, why spend so much money on clothes for me?” Richard said with a grimace as she counted the money to pay the cashier.

“Never mind, my love, I want you to look wonderful in the trendiest outfits” she replied.

At the end of the holiday, Sophie’s mum made two air tickets available. They boarded the plane from the local wing of MMA to Enugu airport. There they proceeded, at her behest, to Garden Avenue to see her uncle who was the controller of the Central Bank’s regional office. The man provided a chauffeur-driven car that took them to their campus at Nsukka.

How fast time ran. They took their final year exams coming out in flying colors. Richard bagged a second class upper division honors in economics. Sophie almost got a first class; she’d ended up with a second class upper division honors in Pub Admin.

They were married afterwards. They spent their honeymoon in the splendid Normandy landing beaches in France courtesy of Sophie’s parents. Richard’s mother was the happiest for it; she was glad that her only child had the good fortune of meeting such a loving woman. All the pains she went through were gone; never again did she know poverty.


Name:  Kenneth Okpomo

Country of Residence:   Nigeria

Bio:  I studied Sociology at the U.N.N. A multiple award-winning writer, my hobbies include travelling, reading  and writing. 


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